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  1. Actually... The latest XSB works with XP11.50 ! You just have to uncheck the Vulcan/Metal option in the Graphics settings. I had the exact same issues you described and this fixed it for me. I found this solution in a document somewhere.
  2. Hi. First of all thank you so much for delivering Swift. I have never seen vatsim traffic so beautifully displayed in xplane - including the (in)famous vertiacl elevation at airports! I have an issue with airline matching. I installed the bluebell pack into the csl folder. It works. A model set is recognised by swift. When I am connected to vatsim and I go to the MODELS setting, I can see under RENDERED tab that a bluebell model is used. The aircraft type always matches correctly. However, in some cases, the livery does not. For example, just now a LOT is rendered as Air China
  3. Hi Ross. On the Host: [23:48:11.744] Requesting controller info: EDDF_N_APP [23:48:11.839] Voice URL received from EDDF_N_APP: voice1.vatsim-germany.org/eddf_n_app [23:48:11.839] Voice URL received: EDDF_N_APP voice1.vatsim-germany.org/eddf_n_app [23:48:11.952] Controller info received: EDDF_N_APP [23:48:15.533] Push to talk state changed: True [23:48:15.862] Push to talk state changed: False [23:48:16.844] Push to talk state changed: True [23:48:17.223] Push to talk state changed: False [23:48:18.059] Push to talk state changed: True [23:48:18.293] Push to talk state changed: Fals
  4. Hi. I haven't posted for a while, so first of all huge thank yous for this amazing software. I connect using vPilot Remote on a Win10 machine. VPilot Host with Voice runs on Win7 where I have P3D 3.4. PTT is set to a certain button on the host computer. After a random amount of time, vPilot remote does not recognise the PTT button being used anymore. Everything else is normal, i.e. I am connected to the voice channel, I can hear ATC, I can txt ATC, but the PTT is not recognised. The only way I have to resume comms is to disconnect, quit vPilot Remote, and reconnect. Any help?
  5. Hi Josh. It's been a few months since you posted this so not sure if you are still having troubles with this. I have a triplehead2go with 3 motnitors on an old nVidia 8800 ultra and it works very well. I have had to tweak a few things though. A good starting point is: Start FSX, try your stretched resolution using *ONLY* a 3D panel. See what FPS you get. Then, only then, switch to a 2D view or panel, and check for FPS drop. (To do this you *MUST* make sure that your FSX does not start with a 2D panel - of any kind - by default) Antonio
  6. I've done some more investigating and this is what I've come up with. If you folks know this already, well, apologies (and it'd have been nice to hear from you before my investigating) If anyone can add any useful info or correct what's below please do so. AIRCRAFT SOUND HEARD WHEN YOU CONNECT TO VATSIM FSX plays a certain set of Multiplayer WAV files the moment VATSIM traffic is injected into FSX. These sounds are not controllable by the Environment option in the FSX Sound menu. (I read that perhaps turning off the Engines option in the Sound menu may have an impact, but of cour
  7. Let me know how it goes. I run vPilot networked from my Macbook Air within a Win7 virtual machine and it works like a charm. It did take a while to get Simconnect and .NET all set up though.
  8. Hi Ross. I thought so too but it's not the case. I disabled (unchecked) the Environment sound altogether and it makes no difference.
  9. Hi. Whenever I am at an airport that has other traffic near me, FSX plays an engine sound [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociated with the other (multiplayer) aircraft. I want to turn that sound down, or off. I use vPilot. I seem to remember that I got the same sound when I used SB4 or FsInn. When I disconnect from the network, the sound disappears. Can you help? Is it a sound played by vpilot? By FSX? Many thanks
  10. It turns out it is the case!!! Some South African and other African IP addresses are indeed blocked from accessing their vatsim website due to past security issues.
  11. Awesome Daniel, thank you! And thanks for showing me another source of info I was not aware of.
  12. Hi. www.dutchvacc.nl has become not accessible from a certain range of South African IP addresses. Can someone find me the email address of the webmaster or a contact person for their website please? (reply or PM) Many thanks
  13. Hi. I have not been able to access http://www.dutchvacc.nl for a few days now. I tried on Windows and Mac, using Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Is their website down?
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