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  1. This example is VATSIM's weak point. You either vector yourself to join the final, or fly any approach that doesn't say "RADAR REQUIRED", since there is no radar available at the time. 99.9% of the time, however, you'll find pilots vectoring themselves.
  2. Keep this situation in mind next time you fly into KIAD from the south. The BARIN (RNAV) and COATT arrivals share the BRV VOR with the ILS 1R. It happens to be the IAF for the ILS to 1R. Its such an EASY EASY EASY approach to fly, IF you pull the approach chart out. It seems that 90% of the time that I clear an aircraft for this particular transition to the approach, they keep right on trucking down the STAR route and end up well east of the final approach course.
  3. The problem with an FNO event of old is that you're asking controllers to shove an extremely unrealistic amount of traffic into airspace that wasn't designed to handle even 1/2 of what shows up during the duration of the event. The only real world places that are anything like what I remember FNO being is N90 and Socal.
  4. The old Tappahannock Municipal Airport (W79) has closed and the new Tappahannock-Essex County Airport (KXSA) has opened for business. Oh wait, I forgot this was VATSIM and 90% of the population only cares about large airports.
  5. The controller was wrong for insisting that you be in contact with him while flying under one of the outer rings of the Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] B airspace. Unfortunately, you will run across controllers that feel the need to be talking to every single airplane on their radar scope, regardless of the fact that the aircraft MAY not be in any airspace which requires two way radio communication. Control freaks is what I like to call them. If you're sure the controller was in the wrong, write an email to the facility's training administrator.
  6. I'm not saying to not promote it. I'm simply saying that I would have used a more appealing description than "the TRACON controllers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania have no idea who is who, where they really are and what they’re really doing". By that description, it doesn't sound like the event has a chance in the world of being successful if there is so much "not knowing" going on at the scopes.
  7. So are you saying its true non radar or simply primary radar only? You state two different scenarios in the same description. Which one is it? And I wouldn't promote an event with so many instances of "don't know". ATC is all about knowing...knowing who is who and who is doing what.
  8. If you take a look at the Google satellite image of the OKC airport, you can make out a hold short line about 800 feet south of the runway threshold on taxiway B, down near the run-up area/comp[Mod - Happy Thoughts] rose. I'd imagine there is some sort of regulation in the airport design section of the FARs that specifies how far back from the threshold the hold short line needs to be in the case of an inline taxiway. As long as the aircraft has not crossed the hold short line without ATC authorization, no runway incursion as occurred.
  9. I used to instruct and fly charters at W75. Took my lessons at PHF, and know a lot of fish-spotters based out of PVG
  10. Just another reason this I3 shouldn't be an I3.
  11. But then you have the 2 airplanes that some 2nd tier sector allowed to mosey on along their route of flight within 6 miles of each other until they reach the ZMA sector. And then they have 2 different weather programs, interpolating the winds aloft different ways, both using different pilot clients, one of which is measuring ground speed based on movement across the ground, and the other based on what the sim is displaying, and one misses a speed or turn instruction due to lost voice packets. ...holds don't seem so unreasonable now. Trust me, our ARTCC has mandated MIT separations fro
  12. If I recall correctly, some ARTCCs that have done VFR events in the past have encouraged participating pilots to not use any internal or external weather programs; just fly with the default "Clear Skies" weather theme.
  13. Is that before or after the Blakey induced pay cut?
  14. Home base is just for fun; to let people know where you are from. When I lived with my parents in VA, my home base was the small 2300 foot runway up the road, W75. When I attended ERAU in Daytona Beach, it was KDAB. Now that I am on my own and flying for a living in Hilton Head, SC, it is KHXD. If you fly for a VA, I suppose your chief pilot would want you to put your domicile as your "home base", but really, anything is acceptable. I guess if you wanted to be funny, you could put MARS or MOON, as they are both 4 letter identifiers just like any other airport in the world.
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