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  1. As the role of the Pilot Training Department in Europe becomes more prominent, a greater amount of staff will be required in order to help all the pilots wishing to complete training. We require an [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istant Pilot Training Department Director to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist in the operation of pilot training within VATEUD and to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist with changes in the coming future. Duties: • Conducting Pilot Examinations and Training Sessions when able to do so • Deputize the Pilot Training Department and act as a liaison in the absence of VATEUD3 • [Mod - Happy T
  2. VATEUD announces publicly that they are VATSIM's newest certified ATO. The European team have been working very hard to come to this level and are proud to offer their services to the members of the network. The VATEUD Pilot Training Department will dedicate their time and strive to teach students applicable material used by Airline Pilots across the world which will go above and beyond the basic P1 Rating requirements. VATEUD is now accepting students to join our training program. Pilot's across the network are invited to take advantage of this service and sign up today. Our team of dedi
  3. Gentlemen, I cannot help but resist to bring my two cents in. VAC is certainly in a position where nothing can really be done. Their whole system is built on automation. I recently had a senior staff member come and look at joining my VA as a staff because he could not stand what was going on over there. The community part of it is almost gone. Newbies go to that site and are turned on by the Top 10 Virtual Airline logo on the right, the thousands of members. Whereas, I go there, I see the last Sat. Scramble was 2008, the website has its info at the bottom indicating 1998-2008. On top
  4. VATEUD is looking for flight instructors to help build up the European Training System. What you need: - Knowledgable in IFR and/or VFR procedures - Knowledgeable in VATSIM software and rules and regulations - Fluent in English - Organizational abilities - Be reliable! - Enjoy all the above topics! Tasks: - Create instructional docomeents for cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]es - Teach and share material with students on TS - Work in team environment to enhance the VATSIM experience What we offer: - Pilot Training in Europe - Opportunity to make friends across the network - Oppo
  5. Hey Kevin thanks for joining. Unfortunate what happened with DEP though. Was a great time over all!
  6. 1.5- 2 hours. FL240 Route is: YYZ V36 YVV J531 SSM. Depart tonight at 8pm EST or 00z. There is a group of us. No jests. Join in for fun. Encourage Dash 8s.
  7. I've been getting e-mails to my old address. All new applications can go to: daniel.gustin @ vateud.org Thanks,
  8. 1866 ACTIVE pilots now. Impressive to have that many active pilots.
  9. Good Day All, The following is on behalf of the VATEUD Pilot Training Department. VATEUD is taking a new initiative in creating a division wide pilot training department (PTD herein). The departments duties include but are not limited to Educating pilots with adaptable aviation knowledge Set the standards for division ratings Educate pilots and help personnel in local vACC's Monitor performance of pilots in various Training Departments across the division. At this time we are calling on all qualified personnel for the following positions: Pilot Instructors (subject to testi
  10. Yay!!!! Great job and look forward to continuing the relationship!
  11. Yea you've got to love how they have 1568 active pilots. My name is probably still in there somewhere even though I've done a flight with them about 2-3 years ago. They still have that award up there, the one that doesn't exist anymore (Top 10 VA). Oh! Don't forget the Saturday Scramble Jul 19th! Man what happened to em?
  12. Seems to work thank you for the link. Now to transfer all the settings.... Merry Christmas!
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