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  1. Grant Next time you answer a question do you think you can be a little less smug about it. This program was developed in house for the use within our wing. You really shouldn't be advertsing what another member of the vUSAF is doing developmental wise. If that member wants to release it to the sim world he can, I'm sure he dosen't need you ansewering for him, that answer makes you sound like a spoiled 5 yr old, I think you could have handled it a bit more professionally and tactfull. And please keep all software discussion in house please, Thank you. Jon Bailey
  2. But it seemed like every third airplane, comming off a 10-15 min hold, was fuel critical comming into MTPP. MTPP area has been getting slammed with traffic the last 4 days, everyone knows it, and everyone should be aware that, reroutes,atc delays, hold, etc, are going to happen. So is it really to hard, with all the available information for the jet jocks fly with enough fuel to make the flight? I have been flying on vatsim, on and off for a couple of years now, and tonight, was the worst for pilot behavior. Come on Captains, we have had all weekned to figure out that MTPP is going to be crazy
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