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  1. I just had a case of a pilot coming into EDDL. I asked him to fly 210kts, he says he is on 210, but he is indicated with 110 and at an absolute minimum he is indicated at 60kts. I did not like to do it, but I kindly asked him to log off and maybe land offline, because there was a pack of 5 aircraft running into hin the next minute, which would also be unpleasant. Is this a known issue, maybe connected to the Simconnect bug, or is this a new one?
  2. EDWW_A_CTR, if the frequencies haven't changed since i did your neighbor PADH Edit: In Poland its Modlin TWR, stated somwhere in the looong posts above
  3. I have to work on that topic, thanks Ruth. Indeed there is no need for FSInn or even a Flightsim to run SI.
  4. ServInfo is an independent program, there must not be FSInn, SB3 or even the Flightsim on your PC. If you click on VATSIM, it should automatically load the serverlist and get the data from network. Do you have any proxy-server inbetween? That might be the problem.
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