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  1. I found a much easier way for the aiports that don't have ramp locations (and there are many!): If you go to the local map menu item in X-Plane 8, you can click and move your aircraft instantly to a spot. Remember to define airspeed and altitude in the upper corner before clicking! You have to be careful: if you spawn at zero ft msl and the airport is e.g. 20 ft, you will insta-crash your airplane. Kind of silly to not include a algorithm to check this before placing the aircraft. But oh well, it works. Happy flying!
  2. Hi all Just joined VATSIM. Good to be here. I do have a problem, however... Once I connect with X-Plane and position myself on an airport, I cannot choose where I want to be at. In other words, if I go to e.g. KMCO, I end up on the runway. This is obviously not good, since you want to be on the ramp getting clearance from clearance delivery, do your startup procedures etc. And naturally, the obvious problem of spawning in front of aircraft on final! How do I get to spawn on the ramp, or at a gate or something like that? I appreciate any help! Thanks Jesper (Powermac
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