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  1. I can only tell you my impression with my last video card, I bought this winter an ATI HD3870, is very fast, I run fs9 at max details, antialiasing at 8x and anisotropic at 16x, never had any kind of problem, it's quiet and very energy efficient. my config, is Athlon X2 running at 2.6ghz and 2gb of RAM MB is Asus a8r-mvp. cheers Andrea
  2. Many thanks Michal!!! now all is ok Regards Andrea
  3. yes UD** is the Icao for all Armenian airports, according to Armenia aip the list of airports: + UDYZ Yerevan/Zvartnots + UDYE Erebuni/Erebuni + UDSG Gyumri/Shirak + UDLS Stepanavan/Stepanavan and UDDD is Yerevan Fir, covers all Armenia. thanks for the help Andrea
  4. But I still see "UDYZ Zvartnots (Russia)" UDYZ is Yerevan airport, and it is in Armenia. then I see UDDD Fir under Russia page. and under Asia I see Armenia, but map is a blank page and no fir is linked. Thanks Andrea
  5. Yerevan ICAO is now UDYZ Thanks Michal for your work, I can imagine how hard is keep updated this huge amount of data and this kind of changes, thanks again your work is amazing! cheers Andrea
  6. just a question, why in vRoute UDYZ, Yerevan, still under Russia?? Yerevan is the capitol of Armenia.... under the online page and under Asia region is linked Armenia, but Yerevan Fir is under the Russia page.... why? Thanks Andrea
  7. Hi! I try to download charts for MDSD, but Santo Domingo Fir site is no longer available, where can I get charts?? Thanks in advance, Regards Andrea
  8. Ok, now seems that all works fine, maybe some issue with the AIRACs. thanks Andrea
  9. Hi to all, I've a problem with vroute, the "export" function always worked on my pc, for any format, pdf, fs2004 fp and sb3 fp. But it is a couple of days that the flight plan export no longer works, I'm able to export flight plan in pdf format, but I can't export flight plans in fs2004 or sb3 format. Someone experienced the same problem? Or knows what can be? Thanks, Regards Andrea
  10. Hi to all, I tried to book this flight using vroute: LGAV to LIMC, but in the booking page I get this error: Error saving booking entry: 500 invalid route so I tried to search a valid fp in 'route' subpage, I found a fp, and I tried to book the flight from here under export page, but, i get this error: Reponse from VATBOOK server: invalid route Does anyone noticed the same?
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