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  1. Here's a bump- looks like weather will be mostly cloudy / overcast with a 30% chance of snow. Hope to see you there (at least on our scopes, if we can't see you in the air )!!
  2. Or you can just click here: http://minniecenter.org/fnomix.mp3
  3. Gerry - Not really, it just has some other restrictions tied to it. C1s must now have 200 hours of active controlling and must apply to VATUSA to become a C3. In addition, it's no longer a prerequisite for attaining the I1 rating, but it seems a number of ARTCCs (mine included) like to have that C3 rating in there anyway.
  4. You bet, the event went great! And the TFRs are in place thru Thursday (though the RNC schedule is abbrev. today due to the Hurricane) so come by and check it out!
  5. What do you mean? I put it up partially to advertise the event, and partially to let you know of the TFRs, if you decide to participate. Seems pretty logical to me.
  6. Right, Paul, I hear ya. Again, I've rethought this today and we're definitely not going to MAKE anybody do this. I don't want to scare anybody away by some dumb rule.
  7. Sorry for not mentioning this. This is a purely voluntary TFR, don't want to scare you guys away!
  8. Good afternoon! Tonight (8/31) ZMP will be hosting an event to simulate the Republican National Convention TFRs. This event will run beginning at 1800 Central / 23z. Please join us by flying into either MSP or STP! Also, we will be simming the TFRs this week as per the real world hours. There are three stages of the restrictions. -No TFR: Duh, no restrictions. No TFR will be in place in the hours Midnight to 9am daily Monday-Thursday -3nm: A 3 nautical mile radius around the Xcel Energy Center, at 44.5638N/093.0643W. No traffic other than military and emergency aircraft, as w
  9. I like how you used the callsign MSP...that's inaccurate, some of us actually do have friends.
  10. Phew, we're finally back up. (We actually were Monday night, but haven't been home...)
  11. In order to beat you smart alecs that will invariably say "Hey, the ZMP Website is down, lolz..." I have but one thing to say: ...The ZMP Website is down. There's some issue with our server...our host switched servers and the new server didn't like the configuration of our plan, so it spit it out. We've got our top professionals working on it round the clock, however. Everything SHOULD be back to normal soon. And if Denver and LA were wondering, no, this is not affecting our dominance on Iron Mic this week.
  12. The second annual installment of "Michigan Ski Trials" is open for signups. Michigan Ski Trials is a navigational challenge in and around the UP of Michigan. Aircraft will navigate via their own VFR navigation to several antennas/needles that are marked on real world aeronautical charts (we tested them for accuracy, too!). The zig-zagging pattern resembles a skiier going down a hill, thus the Ski Trials. For more information and to sign up, go to http://ski.minniecenter.org/[/img]
  13. Hey folks! KMSP is hosting "Construction Madness" tonight starting at 7pm Central (8pm Eastern). It is sure to be a challenge for both us controllers and you the pilots! This event simulates the same challenges that both ATC and pilots are facing in the real world at KMSP: LOC-only approaches (no glideslope), converging approaches, LASHO operations, complex taxi instructions, non-standard STAR navigation and vectors...etc. If you're looking for a pilot challenge, this is it! Pilots will *NEED* to install the proper AFCAD files which have runway 35/17 added at KMSP. Go to www.minniecent
  14. Wouldn't it make sense to have a bird be the mascot? How about a penguin?
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