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  1. Other SET - General Settings - Professional Mode - Correlation Mode This option was set to "C-mode", as opposed to "Easy VATSIM". I don't understand why this affects the simulated traffic. Back to the WIKI to do some more reading, but why the difference? Also, doesn't this defeat the purpose of showing simulated traffic on the scope that is outside your visibility range? Will your lists still populate otherwise? What am I missing? Jason
  2. As some additional information that was left out above, I AM seeing the controllers that are online. Maybe that helps, Jason
  3. The traffic I am referring to is the display that shows the aircraft outside of your visibility range, or when not connected to the network. The feed is providing at the moment "674 pilots and 125 controllers". I would guess my feed is ok. "Show simulated traffic" is checked in the OTHER SET menu. I have been messing around with symbology for VORs. So those are the facts Now, instead of blowing away my settings files, and having to start from scratch, I figured I would ask here first. I know my way around EuroScope if that helps. So, what have I done? Thanks, Jas
  4. FWIW... It strikes me as being pretty amazing, that in this day and age, that a product created for FS2002 (heck, maybe FS 2000, I don't remember), is still, considered by many, to be the standard in heavy jet simulation. Hats off to Level D!! JV
  5. I too have had this issue, thought it was just me... JV
  6. The Code of Conduct answers this question quite nicely... JV
  7. Or how you BELIEVE it is done! Your facility has HUNDREDS of pages of procedures that your facility requires its members to follow, yet forget that these procedures, in the real world, were written for situations involving hundreds, perhaps thousands of operations each day. Does your facility have the same number of operations each day? Procedures are born from necessity right? Your facility's recent updates to the SOPs contain many references that are not in compliance with the User Agreement, Code of Conduct, etc, but since these "violations" are cleverly buried, odds are no one wi
  8. One big problem with the academy is that you must STAFF the academy. To do that, you will have to take the already limited number of instructors, ask them to donate either more time so that they keep up with their duties at the vARTCC level, or they (the instructors) reduce their hours at the vARTCC level while contributing to the academy. It seems that no matter how you slice it, the problem is "man-hours". There are not enough instructors for the load. There are many solutions, and there are pros and cons to each. I don't know what the right answer is, but clearly, a decision n
  9. Harold, How can this already be adopted into training programs if it isn't official on VATSIM, within VATUSA yet? Simple, a facility chooses to do so. However, it isn't mandated, nor should it be expected that any other facility do the same thing. Now, IF it becomes mandated within the division, it is a whole new story... Back in the SATCO days, when Harv was making announcements about how many Pepsi's had been drunk, and the network was excited and near collapse when 200 or 300 users were online at the same time, phrases like that WERE used. The atmosphere was MUCH friendlier, and
  10. I've had this issue in the past as well, but cannot recall exactly how I fixed it... option 1: Delete the information, shut down ES, restart ES, add the info back in. Option 2: All of option 1, except input all information using all CAPS Like I said, I can't recall exactly how I fixed mine, but I did fix it. Good luck! JV
  11. That's very interesting. Exactly my point! The division has NOT yet adapted it. Yet, it is being taught as the standard, when, for VATSIM purposes, it MAY be different than what the FAA does now. Best, JV
  12. Why would VATUSA publish something on its website that is NOT official? I understand that it is a training resource, but it IS published. Given that it is published on the VATUSA site, does that not mean that VATUSA endorses it, and that it becomes a "controlling" docomeent as VATUSA is above the vARTCCs in the US. Call me crazy, but it seems that if your vARTCC rule is contradicts a VATUSA rule, VATUSA's rule is the controlling rule, given VATUSA being the governing body of the vARTCCs. Maybe I am wrong, JV
  13. I have personally heard taxi instructions just like this many times at many different airports, including O'Hare in real life. Where exactly is the problem? As a pilot, I would understand this to say that I am departing on rwy 28L, and I should taxi to it via Bravo and Tango. I would read it back saying something along the lines of "ok, rwy 28L via Bravo and Tango, N460CP" Of course, I am remembering that this is VATSIM, and we aren't paid to do this. I am also remembering that 7110.65 is NOT a docomeent I need to use while on VATSIM. Best, JV
  14. Thanks for the replies, as I understand this... ONLY the 3 letter code can be used. (perhaps making it 3 OR 4 characters can be added to a feature request list) There are a few different Southwest VAs flying in the USA. This one goes by Southwest VIRTUAL, so I wanted to update the list since they fly using SWVA. Mostly just to learn how to do it, and it was an easy aircraft to work with. Is the keyboard command permanent? Meaning, if I use it, is it specific to THAT aircraft, or is it added to the ICAO_Airlines.txt file, to be used ANYTIME and AUTOMATICALLY when it sees the 3 c
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