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  1. Yep, I made some simple tests with mapbox. https://vatmm.org/ng/mapbox/heatmap.html
  2. Not really a screenshot but Vatsim related. I tested a new script, processing position reports and merging it into a picture. This is the result: The full size image (4096x2048) is available here: https://vatmm.org/ng/images/temp/60.jpg
  3. Not with the current version. It works with the upcoming, I found a solution to match ATC/airport.
  4. Hm, I didn't change anything. But I have a solution whichs works on my local installation. I need a little bit more time for testing.
  5. It's done. The VMM tool is now available on the market. If you have it downloaded via this forum, please delete and reinstall it via the market. Thanks to all testers.
  6. The symbol above "Pilots" is a map. That's what I meant.
  7. If my Visual Studio will ever run on my Win 7 PC ...
  8. On the main screen "enter an valid icao ..." press your phone menu button and select the map icon.
  9. Android users who wants to test it: Or as normal link. Some small features are still missing and it's not available in the market now.
  10. Because the site already runs for a while, I would like to know if you miss a feature. Do you want to see more details on your smartphone, or something completely different? Let me know.
  11. Yep, I moved to a new host and got a new IP. Maybe the DNS is not up to date.
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