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  1. Richard, it was from the Virtualcol mailing list, and the ATC mailing list. I'll make you a request Richard, just look at the screenshots that "Andres Cobo" uploaded, as you can see there, the position CALI_TWR is present there, that's another note that i want to present you, and I was waiting a moment like this to tell you that all the control es centered in just one region: Cali. ¿Why? Because Cali is the city where de Chief lives, and, if you see, all the "positive" comments about the present administration are from Cali people, now, the country is divided, they support him, no matter
  2. That is a message from another forum, thats why in the very beginning I said "Transcription", It was written by Alberto Salamanca.
  3. I'm sure you'll find something interesting there... Just read it again
  4. Richard, gentleman, this is what I'm talking about: FlyCol has been in Colombia for a year now, what i have done is just a review of this year, and then, compare them whit the Iron Mic times(COLATC). Lets see, first of all, the MOST important ATC position in our country (data taken form VATSIM ONLINE STATISTCS) From 07/07/07 to 07/07/08: As you can see, 630hrs in the selected period, and, if you see the first part, Sebastian Gomez and Alberto still controlling (Gomez quick to his Controller rate). From 07/07/06 to 07/07/07: This was the COLATC period, i'll let the
  5. Transcribo el mensaje: Buenas Noches, Perdonen este mensaje. Esta semana está llena de buenas noticias y por ende creo que también lo son para VATSIM Colombia. Colombia ha sufrido mucho por culpa de esta saliente administración regional. Una nueva administración sin duda alguna traerá cambios positivos para nosotros pero para que esto pase tenemos que actuar. Sea esta la oportunidad para renovar también nuestra acabada Aviación Virtual en Colombia. Creo que es hora de que VATSIM Colombia nuevamente sea lo que alguna vez fue. Creo que es hora de proponer un nuevo lí
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