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  1. Hi all, As titled, I am looking for a comprehensive (enough) model set to download and install so I can use it on my P3D v2 with vPilot. I have looked around and it seemed that many of the AI packages (i.e. WoAI) do not come with model sets, so can anyone recommend where I could get a quality set of models (freeware preferably)? Thanks in advance, Brendan
  2. China's eAIP is now publicly available! As most of you know, China had never had an AIP that is publicly available. Only recently, Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) had announced that the Electronic Aeronautical Information Publication (eAIP) of China is now live, and you can find everything including charts and procedures about flying in China from this general link: http://www.eaipchina.cn/ Please note that our official website VATPRC.net will continue to update information about our division and everything related to the operations of the division. However, charts and ge
  3. Any help would be really much appreciated please? Particularly with the route related question.
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to get the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned runway to display on a datatag that I'm writing through the SDK. I couldn't figure out a way to use the EuroScopePlugIn::TAG_ITEM_TYPE_[Mod - Happy Thoughts]IGNED_RUNWAY constant, only the function constant. Nor am I sure if I should be using that if I want to feature of "[Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned Runway" found in the TAG Editor? The current implementation I am trying to use GetDepartureRwy() and GetArrivalRwy(). And the problem I am having from doing that is when the departs an airport, the runway number is still there whe
  5. [NOTAM] Navigation charts in VATPRC's Chart Centre has been updated to the current AIRAC cycle (1312). Details on the amendments can be found here. Remember, charts that are not listed in our Chart Centre may be requested.
  6. A little update. If you find the red text links are not there, this means the links below has been updated to the latest cycle.
  7. Further to what was said on the post above, for completeness and your convenience, we have included different all-in-one packages, including the enroute charts for your download. Please visit our chart centre for all your charting needs.
  8. Hi all, I would like to let you know a minor change in the charts section of our website: http://vatprc.net/index.php/en-charts As it stands now, given the staff numbers we have, it is often very time consuming and difficult to constantly keeping the charts up to date individually. However, we understand that as a simulation organisation, our members/guests would want to simulate the real world procedures as much or as close as possible. With this understanding, there is a solution which we believe as simple and effective. In that section of the website, we have included a direct
  9. Hi All, Charts are now updated to 1202, you may find them on our VATPRC website. Unfortunately, although we have been working with AirCharts to get our charts on there, it has not yet been completely ready. Please do use our website for charts. Cheers,
  10. Guess my search terms were all wrong if that I couldn't even find :S Thanks for the information, I'll have a read of it.
  11. OK, what I've figured out it was more of an internal issue with the sim (iFly I was flying). I checked with the default aircraft (Default 737), and looked at the throttles of the iFly, it seemed to be linear. But now, a more operational issue came up. Since it's not exactly the same problem, I started another thread here. If anyone have any information on this, I'd love to hear it! Merry Xmas!
  12. Hi all, I've experienced something very strange with my iFly 737. To correctly operate the aircraft, I must set autothrottle OFF because there are two conditions preventing me from using it. When I am on a takeoff roll, I press TOGA, the throttle speeds up very fast to the max position. Taking off very fast even I have D-TO set. Somehow during the climb, it was again very fast and when I am on the cruise, it's overspeeding because the throttle is still set on non-derated TO power. This prevents me from using autothrottle, manual throttle must be applied. When I change the calib
  13. Hi all, I am experiencing some problems with my newly purchased F.L.Y 5 flight stick. First problem I had was the joystick throttle (both of them), only one was working, the second one wasn't responding. Therefore I focused on FSUIPC (by the way I'm running FS9). Now that I have my throttles both controlling the two engines of a 737, but I find that the input is not linear to the output. It seemed to have some dead zone in the throttles. The two end points and the mid point is a lot less sensitive than the other areas. I tried to disable all NULL zones from the flight stick dri
  14. Dear all pilots, We have received numerous reports on installing the China scenery pack and the Guangzhou Baiyun airport's upgrade pack fresh, and unable to find the new airport (still loading up at the old one). I did a fresh reinstall of FS9 and figure out whether there were some misunderstanding with the installation or what the problem was, but the same, I installed correctly but the reports were backed up by my own attempt. However, I did some digging, and found the following solution to work for me. Pilots having this issue can also give it a go and let me know how it went:
  15. Hi all, I have came across a problem in my ES plugin development. Simply put, I would like to click on a tag item (all coded, not generic TAG editor) which activates a function that allows me to move my mouse anywhere (with a line linking the AC and cursor). When I click again, the heading from AC to my clicked point (cursor) is calculated and set as [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignedHeading. Just want to ask, how could I do that? If I have not mistaken, there should be some internal function which activates a purple line between the AC and the cursor. Or could even be further as to au
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