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  1. Hey Don, Please forgive me on this but I do not understand. I'm not very tech savvy.
  2. update! Still not 100% convinced what we have all done is working 100% it chose when it wants to fully work and when it doesn't. Over at Vatpac a few others are having similar issues and have port forwarding set up! I also hear a lot ATC trying to get to pilots and there is no contact until ATC message pilot to reply and then they become "active" again.
  3. Hahaha it's and alt dns server is set as Tonight's flight with some act and it didn't cut out once so let's hope what ever I've done (turn modem on and off believe it or not) has helped.
  4. Maybe it helped that I turned modem off and back on. I'll test again when I do an actual flight back in Aus and I'll report back to u guys.
  5. I'm going to log on as VH-VAA at KTUS. Controller is ABQ_CTR 127.850
  6. So in fact that even tho mine is set up correctly it could be the other end user? Because I do find that 1 or 2 ATC I don't have any issues with but everyone else keeps going silent. ? Do I need to contact vpilot and start a thread there?
  7. Correct with first part. There is also a delay after pushing the talk button for ATC voice to be heard again. I'll try reboot of the modem, however he other things you mentioned I'm not to sure how to do.
  8. Hi guys, Please see links attached. https://prnt.sc/fazlm0 https://prnt.sc/fazlxd
  9. Can confirm this has 100% not worked.
  10. Hi it sadly has not fully fixed the issue. it has however improved it slightly but not enough to not lose contact.
  11. Okay will try that. I did try 3290 and3291 and that didn't work.
  12. Hey man, Please see images attached. The static one is a snapshot of what someone else's however I've done the same just changed my IP address. Hopefully this link works as I'm doing it from my iPhone as I'm at work away from home PC. Should show 2 images http://imgur.com/a/MP6Px
  13. Hey guys, I've had this over at vatpac and now been advised to post on here! I know that there is some older post that go back on this but I can not find them to save my life right now! :/ Anyway issue is act show up in vpilot connect fonecto them and then 2 min later unless I re push the talk button they and I can not contact me. I've set up port forwarding along with a static address and still having the same issues and I'm getting frustrted as hell and I do not know what to do. Hopefully someone can help.
  14. hi today it was working and now its not? (15/08)
  15. hmm yea spoken to some they say works fine but loads up some weird page on my computer!
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