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  1. The stats are not affected, they are running on a different server and will be available, whenever our lazy admins woke up and solved the problem...
  2. We tested this feature by positioning the aircraft about 25NM before runway, with a routing via two transition waypoints and then ILS08L: $ROUTE:GWI7403:DP514 DP432 ILS08L:000:000:000:DP432:6000 I tried it by eliminating the other waypoints, but now the aircraft is flying straight on a heading 035, and doesn´t turn to the ILS. And if I only have the "ILS08L" in the route field, it disappears in the simulation dialog (simulation still paused): $ROUTE:GWI7403:ILS08L:000:000:000 With one waypoint before, it falls down to this waypoint: $ROUTE:GWI7403:DP432 ILS08L:000:000:000
  3. That´s great, another time thank you for all your work!
  4. Same to me, that works. Unfortunately I modified some setting files by using them with the new version, and then the old version crashes. But when I built new ones, I can work with both versions.
  5. Hello Gergely, we just tested the way to get an automated ILS descent by using a waypoint named like "ILS08L", but it´s still the same, the airport crashes down at the last valid waypoint. Please confirm, you didn´t built in this feature yet, or is there a new problem?
  6. Unfortunately another simulator bug (I don´t think it´s a feature): If you make a left click on a data tag, the aircraft in the list from the steering dialog will not be selected. Only if you make a right click. In old version both mouse buttons selected the according aircraft in the list.
  7. Another problem to the delay action: The status text above the route field follows the delay time, and is not displaying the activated command (cleared ILS, holding, taxiing etc.). As the steering trainer in heavy action sims you immediate need to see what you have done, and don´t have any time to execute the command many times, when you are not sure that you already did it. Please let the display of the executed command be atcual every time in the simulation.
  8. That´s wonderful. Just take the time needed to solve the problem.
  9. No answer? I tested this with an ASE-generated simulation with changed performance data, and have the same problem. Is this already copied and will be fixed hopefully?
  10. I try to simulate VFR traffic with the new version, but I have problems with the speeds: I am trying to simulate a C172, but it´s only flying around 60 kts in 1000 ft, and that wouldn´t be much more in higher altitudes (normal speed should be around 110 kts I think). I tried to override the built-in data, but it doesn´t change anything. My data: PERFAC:C172 PERFLINE:010:100:120:090:0:0:0:1000:0800 PERFLINE:020:100:120:110:0:0:0:0800:0800 PERFLINE:030:110:120:110:0:0:0:0700:0800 PERFLINE:040:110:120:120:0:0:0:0600:0800 PERFLINE:070:110:120:120:0:0:0:0500:0800 Same with a test with
  11. I started ES new, now I have it back. Maybe, because I have copied old settings files to the new directory, but didn´t change the path names. Thank´s for your help.
  12. All negative, I think you misunderstood me... I have hundreds of hours experience with the former version. What I mean is the ATC chat (if you send a message with '/' at the beginning).
  13. First time online now with the new version, but I can not see any ATC messages. I hear the sound, and tried 'show unread chat handler' and 'show chat handler' in general settings - ATC message, but no message is displayed anywhere on the screen. Any help for me?
  14. OK, now I know, why the automatic ILS descent worked in some of my scenarios: The center of our Berlin sectorfile is nearly in the middle of runway 26R in Berlin-Tegel. If the first and only waypoint is anything like ILSxxx (I think it has to be an unknown waypoint), the aircraft maintains the altitude, flies direct to the sectorfile center and descends about 10 miles away to land direct on this point. If you have one or more waypoints before the ILSxxx point, the aircraft will fall down as described before. If you want to have an automatic ILS approach, you need to move the center of the se
  15. Mmmh, I really know, that it works at least in one of my sim files...I really have to check my files for that. EDIT: It is possible. I just found this simulation and tested it, all aircrafts are descending fine on the glidepath.
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