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  1. Started doing it again. No one can hear my transmission. Running as administrator every time. It was working fine until yesterday. Same aircraft, etc. Comms 1 and 2 are selected. Works with Swift, but not Vpilot. PMDG 747, 777, QW 787 and CS 757.
  2. I installed the latest version, and made sure that it's set to run as administrator. So far so good.
  3. Installed the latest update, and transmissions can be heard with VP minimized. Previous version was run as administrator, too, and it didn't make any difference.
  4. Turns out it works ONLY when the V-Pilot window is open. When it's minimized, no one can hear you. That's why it was working one time, and not another. Is there a fix for that. And this is using P3Dv5
  5. Mine started crashing after about 10 seconds
  6. Bob Klemm


    I just saw that thread. I rechecked and Swift was not running as Admin every time, unless I selected it when I open it. Both are set to run as Admin, now. The only difference is it now says, "Closing FSUIPC: FSUIPC (FS2004)". It also says "Observer (copilot) No Simulator!) Again, it loads all of my Ai models, just fine, from the same FS9 installation that it can't see. Okay: I just found another thread, and was able to connect using FS9 multiplayer mode. I will also try uninstalling and reinstalling in Program Files instead of Program Files (x86). Thanks,
  7. Bob Klemm


    It appears it can't see FSUIPC. Says "FSUIPC not connected. IPC sendmessage failed allretries) I have a registered copy, running. I've corrected the system registry to show the correct path (C:\FS9) instead of the default, but it made no difference.
  8. Bob Klemm


    Hi Andreas, Yes, thanks. I have 32-bit for FSX-SE and FS9. I HAD tried it with both 32 and 64, not certain if it pertained to the sim or O/S. Thanks for clarifying that. It's seeing and saving the models for the respective sims. Now the problem that remains is Swift doesn't see the aircraft I have loaded in the sim in for FS9 (unique model indentifier) . I've verified the path to the sim, multiple times, but it still doesn't see my aircraft when I try to connect. All works fine in FSX-SE and P3Dv5.
  9. Bob Klemm


    I just can't win: Upgraded system for FS2020, but still using P3Dv5 and FS9. With P3D, I've installed FLAI for Vatsim models. Swift doesn't like them, and stops validating after 25 errors. Comms, etc work great. Being unable to find the cause of this issue, I tried using vPilot. FLAI and Global Traffic models work fine. But, even though it says I'm transmitting and the voice level is verified, no one can hear me. So, with Swift I can see no other traffic, and with vPilot, although I can hear them., they can't hear me. Others are having the same issue with vPilot, and none of the recommend
  10. Yes, here too. It worked that one time, but the next time I flew online, unable to transmit voice again. Something is definitely amiss. Very frustrating.
  11. Exempted vPilot in my AV, and it works again. Funny thing is, unlike Swift, if I set Comm 2 to the same freq and Comm 1, and transmit, I can't hear myself. But, all is good. 😉
  12. Had the same issue. Exempted vPilot in my AV, and it worked.
  13. I have the exact same problem. Running admin mode in both P3Dv5 and vPilot. PTT works. vPilot hears my voice, but no one else does. Really frustrating.
  14. Bob Klemm

    Wx in FS9

    Just heard back from Stefan t Pilot's, regarding FSGRW: He discovered NOAA had changed some links. He made the changes and all looks good again. Meanwhile, I was still having the issue with Swift Wx when it was updating, with drastic wind velocity changes each time. But since FSGRW is fixed, that's a moot point. 😉
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