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  1. Bob Klemm

    Wx in FS9

    Just heard back from Stefan t Pilot's, regarding FSGRW: He discovered NOAA had changed some links. He made the changes and all looks good again. Meanwhile, I was still having the issue with Swift Wx when it was updating, with drastic wind velocity changes each time. But since FSGRW is fixed, that's a moot point. 😉
  2. Bob Klemm

    Wx in FS9

    I just noticed that happening within the last two weeks or so.
  3. Bob Klemm

    Wx in FS9

    Hi Andreas, I checked FSUIPC, and the settings are good. There is no issue with that using any other weather generator. ASE worked, until I got the KernelBase.dll errors that won't allow it to start. And FS Global Real Weather works, but the winds aloft are way off from real world. I don't think FSGRW had this problem before - I just noticed it in the last week or so. When I do the flightplan mode, it shows winds for waypoints that are nowhere near what the real world is showing. I'll check it again, though.
  4. Bob Klemm

    Wx in FS9

    I'm one of those still using FS9, on many flights, due to aircraft availability in other sims. Recently ASE stopped working, and I had to switch to FS Global Real Weather. That one is pretty good, except for depiction of winds aloft. I tried the VATSIM/Swift real weather, and found that every time it updates, winds drop by 50% or so, then build back up. This causes over-speed/under-speed conditions. It also causes barometric fluctuations. Is there a setting to eliminate those issues during updates, or a fix? Thanks.
  5. Okay, sorry for not getting back sooner, but it's been hectic. So, I uninstalled/deleted all Swift files from my HD, reinstalled as a first time installation, and all works now. Thanks for the assistance. 😉
  6. I'll try it as administrator again. I don't think I did that using swiftDATA. I'm working now through Monday, so I won't be able to do much until sometime on Tuesday. Thanks for the help.
  7. The initial installation doesn't ask if I want to save settings. I've used swiftDATA several times now. Upon opening, it shows 0 in the Active Set, and 7000+ in stored. I copy the stored to Own Model Set, it then shows the same number as stored, and save it. Exit the program, open it again, and it's back to 0 in Active.
  8. Hello Andreas, Yes, I copy the setting from the previous version, and that's where it asks to copy, and I do. The model page goes through the copy routine, asking if I want to overwrite the cache and models, and I select yes. It shows the list and number of models, etc. There is no prompt to copy or save at the end of the process. I had this issue from the start with this version, including the occasional BSOD, when trying to run the setup. I had reverted to using the previous version until it timed out last week.
  9. Ever since I installed the latest version, 32- (for FS9), no models show when I start the GUI. I've used the config tool, after installation, and the mapping tool afterward, and have tried 2 different previous installations to copy from. I've reinstalled the version 3 times. Each time, it shows the model list copied, how many were copied, and it shows each aircraft copied, and correct location of the files. All is saved and good when I start the GUI, only to be told no models were selected. Any idea what's going on?
  10. LOL. I must have missed that. I had the latest version of Swift installed. Tried it out, but the only ATC logged off as soon as I logged in (story of my life), but I heard him before he did. I have no proof that anyone could hear me, though, as no one responded on UNICOM. We'll see how it goes on the next flight. Thanks for the info.
  11. Tried to update AFV, and ran the executable. Now, it appears to have deleted itself. I downloaded the standalone for Swift, "Audio for Vatsim.msi", run it, I get "Application not found". What happened? Bob Klemm
  12. Same here, as pilot. "Couldn't find active VATSIM connection". Logged on and off, restarted both Swift and AFV, no joy. UPDATE: Just started working again. 0141Z
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