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  1. Not sure if this is a bug, are an issue with the Github files. Downloaded the latest version yesterday and all was working. However, today I have been getting this error periodically. Clicking "OK" clears the error and Vatspy works as normal. Andrew
  2. I'd second that. Also, before you call ATC take a bit of time and listen to what he/she is saying to other pilots and what their clearances are. That may give you some idea what to expect.
  3. Ahhhhhhh !!! Just spotted the problem. I've managed to toggle the ATC display. OMG what a tube 🙄
  4. I downloaded the latest data files for VatSpy from GitHub, but finding TWR and GND controllers are not appearing. Looking at CYEG at the moment planning a Worldflight flight and there is nothing below App. I tried putting the previous files back in and same thing is happening. Also did a fresh install I've updated the program many times before without problem . Any ideas ? Andrew
  5. Another great post Michael. I always enjoy flying in and out of the German airports due to the extent and quality of the ATC. That said, we the pilots need to do our homework. It took me a few trips to get some grip of the STARS as I would find the transitions were not in my FMC and in some cases I had to select a specific runway irrespective of what the ATIS would show to allow the FMC to display the full transition, then as you say, make a late change to the runway selection when on approach. I think posts like this help a great deal, as sometimes the extent of charts at these airpo
  6. Excellent post Michael. Thanks for posting. Andrew
  7. I would suggest a phased approach. Start with EGPF or EGPH as they are relatively straightforward and there are limited SIDS and STARS that are not too complex. Likely more ATC cover at EGPH these days. After you are comfortable with that then move on to EGCC which has a bit more complexity with dual runways and more SIDS and STARS. If you are unsure, just ask the Controller for a bit of help, I'm sure they would oblige. Andrew
  8. Thanks Timothy. I hadn't noticed the subtle difference in the sequence. Guess we will need to wait and see if the developers can fix it. EDIT - Just spotted that it's been picked up on your original thread. Thanks.
  9. Lately the Controller Info / ATIS box on Vatspy has been displaying the text as one continuous line. Reading this thread , it looks like it may be something to do with the new line code. Primarily just pointing it out , but Is there anything that can be done to correct this ?
  10. Many thanks Ross, I'll give that a try. Andrew
  11. I'm trying to create a custom model rule for one of the VA's I fly with. I've read the manual and worked through creating an xml file, but it does not seem to work. For a recent group flight I ended up pasting the aircraft title into the default model box and that worked, but idealy I would like to create a rule for all our aircraft and liveries. Couple of questions .... Do I save the file as an xml file or does it need to be a vmr file ? Second, the instructions require a "TypeCode". What line should that be from in the aircraft cfg file ? Thanks for the help
  12. Thanks Zack. That link worked for me too. I replaced what was in my signature with that link and it now works. Can only assume the previous link was incorrect, tho I had not changed it. Andrew
  13. Trying to update my Vatsim indicators. Followed the step above and get ParseError syntax error, unexpected 'return' (T_RETURN), expecting ';' or '{'
  14. Welcome back to Vatsim 😉 Both clients essentially do the same thing. FSInn is no longer supported by the developer as far as I know. vPilot is well supported by the developer via this forum. As a former FSInn user myself, there were functions within FSInn that I did like, but I moved over to vPilot some years ago and have no complaints. It's very straight forward and should work "straight out of the box". Andrew
  15. Have a read through the Pilot Resource Centre vats.im/prc. Lots of useful info in there. Your specific question is covered under the IFR section. Andrew
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