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  1. In your Windows 10 sound settings, make sure your speakers ie NOT the headset , is set as the default device and see if that makes any difference.
  2. I see this occasionally. Usually just restarting vPilot resolves it. Andrew
  3. Worth contacting the guys at Active Sky ( HiFi Sims ) and see what they say. Their support is always first class even for older installations. Andrew
  4. Totally agree Andreas. The basic layout and structure is usually near or near enough. That said, as far as Dublin specifically is concerned I have struggled to find a freeware scenery that closely mirrors what's on the ground these days 😬. Andrew
  5. Hi Dave, Controllers will almost always use real world charts where ever you fly. Dublin can be found at IAIP.IE (iaa.ie) . Go to the Aerodromes section ( top right of page ). Of your two options, the Navigraph ones will be the most reliable. That said, controllers know that there are various versions of sceneries in use and not all will mirror the real world completely. If your scenery does not reflect what's on the chart just let the controller know you are using default scenery and they will usually work round that. Andrew
  6. Works for me. You will just need to be patient and some one will pick it up here.
  7. Raise a support ticket - VATSIM Membership
  8. OK thanks for the comments. I'll try to be prepared for all eventualities 👍 Andrew
  9. Yes it was the natTRAK application I was referring to. Sorry for the confusion. Been a while since I flew trans Atlantic and last time it was text posreps etc. I had logged into natTRAK to familiarise myself with the application but could not see where or how to input a clearance request, not realising I had to be logged onto VATSIM first to see the PILOT option 😳. Regards Andrew
  10. If I fly trans Atlantic and ATC is online, is the use of Nattrack expected or was that only in use for the CTP event ? Andrew
  11. Add another 25% who use Microsoft FSX, which I assume is the original boxed version and you have about 45% still use FSX in some form. Andrew
  12. I can only speak for FSX, but in your sim set the audio device as your DEFAULT device (ie speakers ) that should send the sim sound to your main speakers, then make sure that the audio device for whatever pilot client you are using is set to the USB headset. Andrew
  13. Lots of helpful info here Alex Projects - Little Navmap - Frequently asked Questions (albar965.github.io) Number 18 may help. Andrew
  14. I am on these forums most days, and cannot recall ever seeing anything mentioned about this First Wings event. Dare say it was posted in the events section, but doubt many pilots new to Vatsim would go look in there. With MSFS being launched, and the resultant surge in new members on Vatsim, perhaps it's worth considering promoting more of these events on a regular basis, say monthly ? I recall back in my early days on Vatsim we had new pilot nights in the UK for this very purpose.
  15. For me it was the graphics card drivers. Try downloading the latest driver from the card manufacturers site ( Nvidea etc ) and install that rather than let Windows select a driver for you.
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