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  1. Thanks Timothy. I hadn't noticed the subtle difference in the sequence. Guess we will need to wait and see if the developers can fix it. EDIT - Just spotted that it's been picked up on your original thread. Thanks.
  2. Lately the Controller Info / ATIS box on Vatspy has been displaying the text as one continuous line. Reading this thread , it looks like it may be something to do with the new line code. Primarily just pointing it out , but Is there anything that can be done to correct this ?
  3. Many thanks Ross, I'll give that a try. Andrew
  4. I'm trying to create a custom model rule for one of the VA's I fly with. I've read the manual and worked through creating an xml file, but it does not seem to work. For a recent group flight I ended up pasting the aircraft title into the default model box and that worked, but idealy I would like to create a rule for all our aircraft and liveries. Couple of questions .... Do I save the file as an xml file or does it need to be a vmr file ? Second, the instructions require a "TypeCode". What line should that be from in the aircraft cfg file ? Thanks for the help Andrew
  5. Thanks Zack. That link worked for me too. I replaced what was in my signature with that link and it now works. Can only assume the previous link was incorrect, tho I had not changed it. Andrew
  6. Trying to update my Vatsim indicators. Followed the step above and get ParseError syntax error, unexpected 'return' (T_RETURN), expecting ';' or '{'
  7. Welcome back to Vatsim 😉 Both clients essentially do the same thing. FSInn is no longer supported by the developer as far as I know. vPilot is well supported by the developer via this forum. As a former FSInn user myself, there were functions within FSInn that I did like, but I moved over to vPilot some years ago and have no complaints. It's very straight forward and should work "straight out of the box". Andrew
  8. Have a read through the Pilot Resource Centre vats.im/prc. Lots of useful info in there. Your specific question is covered under the IFR section. Andrew
  9. Hi Rafal, Welcome to Vatsim. Your voice / pilot client will show a list of active controllers within range. They are grouped Centre, Approach, Tower etc. so you would contact whom evers airspace you are in. You can also use something like VatSpy which displays online controllers graphically. Hope that helps. Andrew
  10. I get that when I have pre-filed a FP via Simbrief, but then try to make a change to it from the same pre-file screen. The original FP was filed, but any amendment is blocked. Andrew
  11. What is the spec of PC and graphics card ? Is your headset usb or analogue ?
  12. If you don't think there could be a resources issue with your PC, have you tried connecting vPilot to different servers to see if there is any difference ? Andrew
  13. To be honest some of that sounds like the computer is short of resources. You could try making sure you have fewer apps and programs running in the background and see if that makes any difference. Also, is vPilot running in Admin mode ? If not, change that too and see what happens. Andrew
  14. I use FSX-SE and Fly Tampa Vienna is working fine. Have you installed it in the correct place ? I also remember having to remove a few LOWW bgl files from the Addon Scenery/Scenery folder as these were causing a conflict. All I did was change their file extension from .bgl to .old so that I could easily revert back if necessary.
  15. Just double click anywhere on the header area that is not a button or radio freq etc. Andrew
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