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  1. The term "Live Players" sounds like MSFS is logging into an MS public server where other MSFS pilots are flying ? Maybe a bit like the old "GameSpy" set up. Just a thought. But good to see the problem is sorted. BTW, welcome to Vatsim ! Andrew
  2. I'm still on FSX, but it certainly sounds like you are still getting AI traffic in the sim. If AI is truly off, then the only traffic you will see when connected to Vatsim will be Vatsim traffic. I know that doesn't solve your issue, but can only suggest you root around MSFS a bit more to double check AI is off. Perhaps check out MSFS support forums in case there is a known issue .
  3. Not sure if this is the right place but .... Just a heads up for the dev team. It seems a gremlin has got to the menu items at the top of the forum. One item is coming up as "menu_item_63". I think its supposed to be "Members" or maybe "Membership" as it links to that section.
  4. Certainly sounds like it's the LDS767 that is the issue. I use that aircraft but have not experienced this issue. Have you installed the current files from Flight1 as there have been patches for Windows 10 compatibility etc. Alternatively there is a patch at LevelD's own site along with 2 service packs. May be worth trying them. Last resort, post on the LevelD Support Forum. Andrew
  5. There is only one current version of VatSpy. Have you downloaded it from VAT-Spy (rosscarlson.dev) ?
  6. I can see from your stats page that you logged in as WAC781 rather than WAT781 on 20 May. Not sure if that was the occasion you had the issue with ?
  7. My bad. I hadn't appreciated that' you meant you had completed the application process.
  8. You can transfer a real world pilot rating onto Vatsim. Details are in the link quoted by Ross Carlson above. Andrew
  9. Been having the same issue intermittently over the last couple of days. On some occasions, when VatSpy eventually refreshed, going by my own aircraft position it used data that was maybe an hour out of date. However, a restart then seemed to load fresh data.
  10. The examples you quote are in my version of VatSpy. I think you need to download the latest version from the VAT-Spy website. The new version will also pick up any future updates. Andrew
  11. It was down periodically yesterday, but working fine for me this morning.
  12. Yes that is correct Ulrich. vPilot will accept left CTRL, but as you have discovered FSUIPC will not. That's why I ended up using F12. You can set it to any key permitted to FSUIPC, but you will need to deactivate any other action that key press is used for. I found that F12 was the least problematic for me.
  13. Alternatively, you can set vPilot, for example, with a PTT button of say, F12 and then use FSUIPC to set whatever button you want on your flightstick to send a button press of F12 to FSX. Then either the keyboard or flightstick can be used to send a PTT.
  14. I didn't save the EFFECTS and TEXTURE files specific to FLAi. On Vatsim the liveries do appear to be OK in that they correspond to what I expect based on the other aircrafts callsign, so looks like it is working. Only made a couple of flights since the reinstallation so will keep an eye on things.
  15. Hmmm. I am still on FSX. Maybe an issue specific to MSFS. Sorry I cannot help.
  16. I saw your post a couple of weeks ago Kyprianos, did you get your issue resolved ? I was just suggesting that James try routing vPilot to his speakers to eliminate any issue with the headset.
  17. You may want to try setting the audio output device in vPilot to your main speakers and see if that works, just to eliminate there is no issue with the headset. I assume the sim sound is routed to your main speakers rather than the headset ?
  18. I've just done a reinstall myself, granted of FSX rather then P3D. I wasn't aware about the other files in EFFECT and TEXTURES and just copied the FLaixxx files from a backup of my Simobjects folder into the new Simobjects folder. It seems to be working, or at least I think it is as I can see other aircraft in their correct liveries. What was in the EFFECTS and TEXTURE folders, and any idea how I can truly verify FLAi is working properly ?
  19. Have you downloaded an installed the latest version from here - VAT-Spy (rosscarlson.dev) ?
  20. I would echo Bill Casey's point. While I can understand a wish to encourage pilots to develop their skills and knowledge, the step from P0 to P1 is more like a chasm and frankly I think most will not bother, but that's another issue. I think the suggestion to have a code rather than full text in the column would be a good compromise. Andrew
  21. Chartfox is worth a look too. ChartFox - Free Flight Simulation Charts Andrew
  22. I get the same thing occasionally too. AV software will always be suspicious of EXE files to some extent. Many AV products will also check the file name against a database of known software programs and if it is not on the list will throw up the message as a warning. However, these lists will tend to be the mainstream programs. VatSpy and some others used on Vatsim are very much minority programs so get flagged up as they are unknown to the AV software. As Don said, it's a false positive. Depending on your AV or firewall you may need to grant it access thru your firewall, but its
  23. Interesting thread and really good to get the perspective of the RW and the experienced simmers. Out of interest, does FSX or P3D actually model the effect of obstructions to the LOC or ILS beams ? Andrew
  24. In your Windows 10 sound settings, make sure your speakers ie NOT the headset , is set as the default device and see if that makes any difference.
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