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  1. Sooo... My xPilot auto upgraded to this morning. I flew a flight through heavy scenery and clouds. Not one disconnect. I had plans to collect and submit logs, but I don't have anything to submit. Kudos to the team for the most recent changes.
  2. My initial post doesn't really convey my underlying message. Unfortunately, I was aggravated at the time I posted. I'll gather the log files and submit them. Trust me, I get it. On a Friday night where a hundred planes are all piling into a single airport, to have an incompatible aircraft in the string of pearls going into LAX can wreak havoc. I get it. I also know the futility in trying to get XPlane to change. I said that only to define one end of the spectrum of solutions -- impractical as it may be. I think my underlying thought in all this is that there must be a way to m
  3. This is a tough problem for sure. And the true solution is to have X-Plane keep real-time progress even with slow frames. I'll try to capture some logs to see what's happening on my side. I have a question, perhaps a request. Would it be possible for you to actively display what xPilot considers to be the framerate in relation to it's threshold? Even better would it be possible to have a ticker-tape display of its running average over time, also in relation to its threshold? (Think a debugger mode.) For me to help optimize my settings, it would go far to understand what scenario
  4. You are correct. I had a weak moment. I haven't posted in years to avoid flame wars. I succeeded very nicely until tonight. Oh well. I think there are additional factors that need to be included in the decision to disconnect besides just framerate. xPilot has got to be aware if there is other traffic around me. It has the data. It has also got to be aware if I'm flying within actively controlled airspace. It has that data too. 99% of my flying is during off hours with just a couple of my buddies and me. We are getting disconnected when a) our frame rates are quite obviousl
  5. To whomever develops xPilot, While I very much appreciate the problem you're trying to solve, the algorithm that determines when to disconnect is quite wrong. Please find a better solution. Getting repeatedly disconnected when I'm over 30 FPS is quite annoying. Thank you, Tom
  6. Started this post in Oct of '05. Some 14 years later, it's still going strong.
  7. This thread has been running 8 years. I would have never guessed. When I originally posted, I was indirectly asking for re[Mod - Happy Thoughts]urance even though it sounded like I was offering advice. I was nervous as all get-out. I needed to know that I wasn't the only one. It seems kinda silly now, but it was quite real then. Things have changed. With kids, a house, and all the responsibility that comes along with that, I don't get on nearly as much as I used to. But after 2500 hours on here, I still love logging in and drilling holes in the virtual skies.
  8. Guys, I *just* went through a whole bunch of tweaking and twiddling with regards to my nVidia 8800GTX. Solving the Anti-aliasing problem with a big part of it. These are quotes of my own text from another forum that I was posting to. Please pardon the fact that it reads as a more personal discussion with someone else. and the followup post
  9. That can depend on several things such as: how well your CPU, GPU coolers work, how warm the room is, how much moving air is needed to cool said devices, etc. The best way to find out if it's okay is to get temperature readings of the CPU and GPU. It's possible that your motherboard manufacturer has a utility that will display temperature readings pulled from the motherboard sensors. Same with the GPU. (I've got an ASUS Mobo and an NVidia Graphics cards. Both offer these utilities.) Hope this helps, Tom
  10. I only have enough time for FlightSim. None of the above for me.
  11. You might also want to check out Navigraph. I just did a flight this weekend from Moscow to Omsk. The charts provided by Navigraph were in English. Tom
  12. You guys all have very valid points. Just want to throw a slightly different perspective. You as ARTCC's are looking to draw individual pilots. Another possibility is to draw VA's. If you could find a way to motivate VA's, then you've found a way to motivate groups of people instead of just individuals. Just a thought. Tom
  13. Well, this is great guys! I love to hear that y'all are giving it a shot. Yeah, it's nerve wracking at first, but you get past that. Welcome aboard. Tom
  14. Good Evening. I am here to ask for a little help. Every Saturday morning (1400z), a group of pilots from my VA enjoy some VFR flying and we are interested in planning 2-hour VFR flight through the Swiss Alps. Being that most of us are from America, we are not familiar with the VFR rules or Swiss airspaces. We are trying to gather information so that we can do this properly. Can one of you please point me to a resource in English for planning this trip? We would love to come visit. More importantly, would like be welcome back after we're done. Any help would be greatl
  15. Thanks Wycliffe. Actually, when I figured out how many months this thread's been running, it caused me to reflect on my VATSIM flights. After ~635 hours of actual flying and even more logged on, the jitters have definitely gone. I still think nervousness and mistakes are okay, but now I want to throw a qualifier on it. We should make every effort to make each flight our best performance yet. (How's that for a deeply thoughtful and profound statement? ) Tom
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