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  1. Works as advertised - thanks Ross. Really appreciate the efforts to get this feature implemented so quickly.
  2. Hi Ross, Thanks for your prompt work on this. I will try it thoroughly over the next few nights. Rodney.
  3. Hi Ross, Appreciate the prompt response and understand you have to go through due process. Rod.
  4. Hey Ross, I have read the other forum but doesn't offer a real solution. I think this is a feature that will be requested more by users particularly with the shared cockpit features of the aerosoft Airbus and eventually the majestic q400. I know it seams like few people will use it but in the past there has only been the Leonardo which was a dated sim. Are there any work arounds that you can think of? Rod.
  5. Hi Ross, In light of the Aerosoft Airbus Sp3 which allows shared flight decks. Is there any planned functionality for observer/stealth connection? Regards, Rod.
  6. I was a long time squawk box user. Then I switched to fsinn which had more features and with a lot of effort a an effective model matching. I have recently switched to vpilot. Model matching was a breeze. installation a breeze. Best of all vpilot is constantly being updated. As far as I know the developer behind fsinn discontinued support and updates a long time ago.
  7. I haven't got the hotfix yet as I was just going to wait for SP1. I have 18gb of RAM so I doubt it can truly be out of memory. I think its an interaction between FSinn and FSX that is causing the issue. Rodney.
  8. I've recently moved from FS9 to FSX. So far I've installed FSinn as per the instructions, ASE, PMDG NGX and a few payware scenery. I usually fly in window mode except for take-off and landing where i prefer full screen. Recently when switching from window to full screen all textures have been disappearing meaning all I'm left with is a black screen. I can change views and hear the aircraft but there are no textures anywhere. I can move the mouse around and see the click spots that i can not see. I thought I had a work around yesterday by changing the time to force the sim to reload
  9. Hi All, I'm in a moment of sheer frustration. All of my payware airports have white boxes appearing around them. I have narrowed this down to being a missing tree texture. I have installed Trees_v3 and Nova but to no effect. I'm at my wits end and really not looking forward to the possibility of re-intalling fs9 and hundreds of payware add-ons. Anyone had any experience? Rod.
  10. Hi All, Dipping my toes in the X-plane pool. Is there real world weather similar to FSX? Or do I need an add-on like Active Sky, or will Xsquawkbox use vatsim weather? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi Sean, Taking all your airbuses back for maintenance 'ey?
  12. I have X-plane and what lets me down is working out the cameras, lack of VC's, and I havn't been able to find the quality of add-ons that I could with FSX
  13. Sorry I'm talking about an 8800GTX or a 9800GX2 for example. It will run it sure, but dont be expecting to get maxed graphics, specially when you then factor in add-ons
  14. Well an 8600GT will not run FS-X on max settings, you really want is 4gig of ram+ and a late 8 series or one of the new 9 series. Does NEC do custom parts (where you pay extra for the parts you want?)
  15. Hey Mina, I have always found that packaged computers are incredibly overpriced, what you are paying for is the name, the warranty and the fact that somebody else builds the computer for you. If you have the know how, i would suggest building a computer yourself. It will be cheaper and generally better then any package computer you can buy. Just my $0.02 , I'm sure a lot of people would agree. Kind Regards
  16. Ok, After being heavily disappointed by FS-X and with fs2004 just not making the cut anymore i've turned to the darkside (the xplane side) Obviously ill need XSquawkbox. I'am mainly interested in commercial airline simulation so is there a PMDG alternate for x-plane? Cheers
  17. Vertical Sync limits your frames to the same amount as your monitors refresh rate. Vertical sync is used to reduce "tearing" or "Shreadding" which is a predominate horizontal distortion. Why it happens i have no idea
  18. Thick and strong, they're so light that ive tried to walk away several times and the plugs just fallen out of the headphone and they hit the ground. No damage. ive done it a couple times. Its a smart system, and the wires appear to be quite strong.
  19. I originally forked out $200 for the X-52 Pro, thinking it would be worthwhile. Worked well for several months, now the drivers are playing up, the joystick doesn't center properly, i cant un-bind rudder to the rotating sliders. So i've given up on the X-52. I borrowed my friends Logitech Extreme 3d Pro, i'm surprised to say that this $80 joystick was better then the saitek ever was!
  20. I've bin through so many $50 Plantronics headphones that it isnt funny. I went through a series of $100->$150 logitech speakers. I've bought a "cheapish" set of 5.1 (logitechs Z-530's) and i still wasn't happy. However this is not a story of sadness, but one of great joy and happiness. I have two links for you, http://www.sennheiser.com/sennheiser/icm_eng.nsf/root/products_aviation "General" Aviation Headphones (im not actually sure if these will plug into a PC via audio jack, or if they're made specifically for AC. But if your interested send them an email) I've bin using S
  21. I own the X52. AS a device it works GREAT but i've had several issues with drivers over the year i've had it. I find it insensitive for flying iron, but with a bit of tweaking it goes great. AS for the Pro Flight yoke, i think a CH will serve you better. Regards
  22. Hi John, I have applied for division change and expect it by next week. Thanks for your [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance whilst flying Kind Regards
  23. Charts for WBKK Any1 got a link? cant find any, anywhere! Regards
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