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  1. I'm hearing desparation. Look this over and see if anything helps. Read all before you try anything. Appears you are not alone. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/237743-44-vista-doesn-recognize-external-drive And I'm sure someone will post after me with some help. EDIT: Why do you have the above programs you mentioned on an external HDD?
  2. Thanks for the reply, but I need more specific information. All sounds are coming through my headset now. I used the SB options as well as Sounds and Audio in the Control Panel. I'm sure it's not that hard, but I need a step by step instructions. Thanks
  3. I already did a search and found nothing, and I've seen instructions for this in the past. I just received a USB converter for my headset, but all sounds come through the headset. Could someone please direct me to the link that explains how to have ATC in headset and simulator sounds in speakers. I have a sound card as well as an onboard, and now a USB, which will take care of a lot of h[Mod - Happy Thoughts]le. Or I need a step by step from someone. Thankyou
  4. In my readings, and I do a lot and subscribe to Maximum PC, the nVidia cards have an edge over ATI. Actually I think both would work well. The problems with nVidia has been the drivers. The one card that seems to NOT have any problems is the 8800GTX, and I think the newer 9000 series aren't that much of a change, besides, I like to wait and see what others have to say about new anything. At this point if it was me buying a new GPU, I believe it would be the 8800GTX, but they are still a little spendy. Tweakers will say, you can take a 8800GS, for example, and get it to run as good as the GTX.
  5. Go over to Avsim forums under FSX and look for this topic, #440176, Dated March, 23, 2008. It might help you with your problem.
  6. Thinking here. What if after dragging FS9 to your new monitor, then REFRESH the scenery. I wonder if that would get rid of your jaggies. Also try downsizing your resolution, 1024X768, and see what happens. Check in the sim Options, Settings, Controls ( I have FSX running right now, they should be close if not the same), and scrool down to REFRESH Scenery, there is no keypress in my FSX, YET, for the refresh, but you could use one that you normally don't use. Highlight Refresh Scenery, the click on, New [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignment, and push on the key you want to use. Don't forget to selec
  7. It says" page not found"at photo bucket. Exactly what do you want to do? It sounds like you want the sim on the left monitor. If so, just switch the cables, or move the monitors. If you want your sim on both monitors at the same time, you need to get something like Matrox's double head to go, or maybe wideview. I'm not really sure how wide view works. There may be something else that someone could direct you too. Oh yeah, Matrox only works in Virtual cockpit mode. I have Matrox's Triple Head To Go, three monitors. Works great. Like I said, I'm not sure exactly what you want to do, and oth
  8. Smartclose, if you can't get enditall. http://i.domaindlx.com/bmproductions/index.htm?http://i.domaindlx.com/bmproductions/smartclose/index.htm
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