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  1. That's how it used to be, but it was changed due to the rights limitation of the programs folder on some windows versions. The users folder is the place where such files should be placed by design. So this is very unlikely to be changed back to the original state, because the current system is how the current windows versions expect programs to handle these files. Also if I remember correctly, the possibilities with the Installer Wizard are limited, so it is probably not possible to make that more customizable, otherwise it would already be that way. However it is already possible to do w
  2. VATEUD is now taking application for the position of [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ISTANT ATC TRAINING DIRECTOR (VATEUD12). Duties: Supervise the day-to-day running of Eurotest as well as medium/long-term strategy [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ists when necessary in any vACC Support related matters to ensure the successful implementation of the Department Ensuring information presented on the ATC TD website is up-to-date Deputising for the ATC Training Director in his/her absence Participation in staff discussion and voting procedures Answer emails from members who are having difficulties
  3. Gentlemen, It is with great pleasure that I can announce Lukas Kulik (917478) taking on his new post as vACC Support Manager. He joins us with long time VATSIM experience including experience in staff duties, and he agreed to take on this very difficult task. His first task will be to help us in completely restructuring the vACC Support concept and giving it a fresh start, so vACC Support will not be actively available for some more time. Please support him wherever you can.
  4. Then there is either an error in the guide or you misunderstood it. You cannot connect an ATIS when being logged in as OBS. You can only connect it as an active controller with the rating S1 or above, and you are only allowed to do so if a TWR is currently present.
  5. VATEUD seeks a new vACC Support Manager to fill the current vacancy on that position. vACC Support is part of the VATEUD Training Department and offers support to any vACC of the division where required. The main task of vACC Support is to help newly formed vACCs to develop their initial organizational structure and attract new members despite of naturally limited resources. Duties: • Oversee the development of small and unofficial (= not yet existing) vACCs as well as vACCs currently being under the VATEUD Open Skies program. • Organize the deployment of resources, personnel and infrast
  6. I have an English tutorial on how to setup es on a Mac which I am supposed to put into the wiki but haven't found time to do so yet. I will try to do that over the next days. However I am not using a Mac myself, so I can just provide the tutorial provided by someone else. I will put a link here after I added the tutorial to the wiki.
  7. here's the top secret info: when it is ready, it will be released
  8. http://www.euroscope.hu/mediawiki/index.php?title=FAQ#Profiles
  9. Airspace boundaries are usually independent from geographical boundaries, so if you are using real-world boundaries there should be a good chance that the actual airspace border is not identical to the geographical border but much more straightened. If you need to use the geographical border, then yes, you have to declare aaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllll the coordinates.
  10. No, without a plugin ES only supports one squawk range, and ES will always pick the first matching entry in the file. There is the UK [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istant plugin that deals with squawk [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignments based on routings. Maybe you can have a look at it if you can use that for your purpose. Not sure if it can be customized for areas outside of UK.
  11. Help me understand it ... Why does it make a difference to you if the sector is covert by App or Ctr?
  12. Just to confirm ... you meant "ownership for APP2 and CTR are the same"? Because otherwise the whole scenario doesn't make sense. You are misunderstanding the concept here. It doesn't matter if APP2 or CTR is online, the only thing that matters is, that APP1 and APP2 sectors are covered by different controllers, which is true in both cases, no matter if APP2 or CTR is the controller who covers the APP2 sector. So it seems to be working as expected.
  13. Without knowing the airspace it is hard to say anything, but it sounds like everything is fine. There are probably some vertical boundaries that cause the border to highlight. If the border should be visible with App online, it should be no different with Ctr covering App. It's the same sector, the same neighbor, just a different controller. I don't see why Ctr should have a different border (in relation to the other App) than the App whose airspace he is covering.
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