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  1. Today i started all like i did all the time, and it works again.. Thats crazy, maybe the Bat was empty 🙂
  2. Hmm.. how can the Radios not be powered ... Maybe the sim was too long at one position and runs on Battarie ... I will check tomorrow after working ( must sleep a bit ;.-) ) ... Thanks for the Tip !!
  3. Hello, i am sorry to ask, but all works fine view days ago, but today the Voice is no longer working. I have vPilot Host with Voice, running as Admin, on the FS PC with P3d v4.5 also running as Admin. On my Tablet i have vPilot Client running. But since today the two Textboxes in the right upper corner of the client are dark ( see pic ) The problem is, i have also tried vPilot ( not as Host mode ) itself on the FS PC, and also there are no RX/TX buttons ?? The Text is dark. I did not change any Sound settings or something and also i checked the Sound, and its workling f
  4. thanks, the Sector overview is very helpfull. But i know now, that i can ask who to contact, and if i have the wrong one the other tells me who to contact. Thats fine so far...thanks at all .. and thanks to all the really nice Controllers and his work !
  5. ahh, ok..thanks. But for some reason its maybe better to have a clear info in the ATIS about the responsibility.
  6. i take the Picture after my Flight. Before there was no TWR online
  7. This was the Atis from EDDM_R_CTR: This is Muenchen Radar - online AT LEAST until 2100 UTC ATIS on 123.125 - charts on vatsim-germany.org - routes on grd.aero-nav.com and this from EDDM_Z_CTR This is Muenchen Radar - online until 2100 UTC, covering only EDJA ATIS on 123.120 - charts on vatsim-germany.org - routes on grd.aero-nav.com So it dosent say so much about the responsibility. For sure, if a GND/TWR/APP is online, they will Handover you, but if not, it's not so easy. But, if i understand right, it is ok to wait until one of the CTR ask me to contact him?
  8. Hello, after a long time i flew online. But as i was in EDDP i wonder who is to contact? As you can see in the Screenshot there was a EDMM_R_CTR and EDDM_Z_CTR, but the Atis does not held any INfo who is to contact or who of them is responsible for what Region? Where can i get such info ? Also the Freq i could not found in Navigraph charts as you can see. Matthias
  9. Hello, today i wonder why voise is not working, but during the Test it worked. So, first my Setup: on the FS PC runs Prepar3dv4 as Admin and vPilot Host with voice also as Admin. Then i have setup a PTT Key ( F2 ) as PTT in vPilot and a Joistick Button as PTT which send F2. That works as long as the vPilot window is in Foreground, but when the P3D window has the Focu, the PTT is no longer working. I also tried to setup in vPilot "Keep Window visible", but that also does not work As far as i dont can keep vPilot in Focus or as the Focused Window, what can i d
  10. ahh, ok. i will try next time, thanks a lot
  11. Ok, so ( as i am still a bit new on VATSIM ) what did theControllers report in the ATIS if they use Hoppie and what must i Remark in the Flightplan to tell the Controllers, that i am able to receive CPDLC Clearance via Hoppie ?
  12. Hello, how many Controllers are using Hoppie Acars for CPDLC Communication ( if they do ) ? Matthias
  13. yes, i had this in mind....but it would be really nice ... 🙂
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