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  1. Many thanks for all the replies - I agree with Tom - a job looking very well done there ! Daniel/Jorge, I am prepared to wait for Oceanic information when it is all up and running, primarily for inclusion in a VA Oceanic training docomeent. I shall keep checking in from time to time and when ready will be mailing you for permission to use some of the content. Best Regards D Finney
  2. Thanks for the info Bill Regards D Finney
  3. Indeed - youll have the same T-Shirt as me then Indeed Bill, safe to say that will be 99% of the new members. Great work mate Regards D Finney
  4. Thanks for that Bill, obviously mistaken (Another senior moment) Ran a quick cross-x last night as it happens GP-FF with London Info all the way - great service indeed Looking for Wyck to end a perfect flight but it wasnt to be (Porbably on the wagon again ) Nice signature if I may say Bill. I remember doing a "bit" of pilot mentoring a few years back, sometimes eight hours a day seven days a week and missing meals, although I never received an official title as such (well not an official printable one anyway ) Best Regards D Finney
  5. I apologise in advance for not being able to find it, Has the Portugese VACC website changed recently, The latest I have is http://portugal-vacc.org/ Best Regards D Finney EDIT Poster 18/06/06: Does anyone have any info on this site ? I am looking for information in reference to the FIR to complete a VA training docomeent. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
  6. David, All copied, sounds great [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming that you havent already added this, If you go to http://www.flightsim.com and do a search for ukvrpv1.zip by Martin A McCormick. This is a scenery add-on that will place 283 recognised VRPs for 49 UK Airfields. Regards D Finney
  7. Hia David, It will cost you a few pennies though - but if you can manage, it is worth every one of them ! http://www.visualflight.co.uk/photoscenery/ Used with Gary Summons airport scenery from here http://www.uk2000scenery.com/main/index.htm (also payware), they work extremely well togather. What you see out of the window is an extremely accurate rendition of what you would expect to see in the real world. If you are dedicated and serious about VFR flight in the UK from the South coast to the Scottish borders, then these two sceneries together with the professionalism of t
  8. Ditto again for tonight Wyck, great VFR scenery, good worked procs and friendly ATC, the top hat was the weather tonight - chrres bud ! Regards D Finney
  9. Not even, Options/Multiplayer Connect In that case Jim, what happens when you do the above? Regards D Finney
  10. Yes I am aware thanks, I do happen to read it also The purpose of my post here was to catch the wider world membership just in case they were interested. Regards D Finney
  11. [ Sad replying to my own post I know] An awesome sight over the NW UK ATC CLNCE to Filton, Ahead to 1.5dme then Left to MONTY A4000 climb with radar to FL150 Squawk5453 and next freq 128.050. On first contact with MAN_W_CTR, "FDD" given DCT RETSI FL150. Interesting to note, a local helicopter was given No2 for final by EGNR_TWR with a recommended wake vorte separation of 10 miles. Best Regards D Finney
  12. A/C originates Berlin EDDB, F-WWDD (reserve F-WWOW) 1040 Low APP/GA Hawarden 1110 Low APP/GA Filton 1220 Landing Heathrow Times Confirmed as UTC .......UY70 OTBED UL26 SONEX L975 WAL DCT TORGO DCT KEGUN EGNR (DESIG Arrival) REXAM N864 MONTY N42 RETSI N862 RILES DCT OF DCT EGTG DCT MALBY L9 KENET EGLL Regards D Finney EDIT poster:Times and info.
  13. Just to say, huge thanks to Wycliffe (TWR) and Mike (APP) for enabling a most enjoyable 2 hour crew training session last nght at Cardiff EGFF - superb ATC chaps All EGFF charts now laminated Best Regards D Finney (DDF01T)
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