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  1. Oh yes, don't you love that. Happened to me going from London to Florida, a few years a go. I hit the US and powercut! It wasn't even a proper one, only lasted for 10-15 minutes, grrr.
  2. There will a validation happening on Gatwick Tower today starting at 1830z. We would like a nice mix of IFR and VFR traffic. No emergencies or other business without the permission of EGKK_M_TWR. See you all there!
  3. Dave, Last night when we were controlling, all aircraft that came to me were showing the temp alt as 000 on VRC. It didn't appear you set the temp alt. Maybe that's why...
  4. Ah ok, i have no idea why that would need an XML file to run.
  5. You should leave them in the directory and just copy across the whole folder into ProgramFiles\MicrosoftGames\FS9. What aircraft are you talking about in particular
  6. When i try to open the .tif file i created using Infraview the screen remains white and it appears that the image hasn't loaded. Any ideas?
  7. Sorry to be a pain but any change i could also have a copy
  8. Just to advise that the site is back down again
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