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  1. [Resolved]Hi JustinCan I install xpilot despite having 2 versions of xplane installed - 11.41 and 11.50 beta?Can the software deal with having to use 2 different plugin folders?Just to add - On my Beta version, I can connect, TX and RX but cannot see other aircraft.It seems the plugin (although installed in the relevant folder) will not load during startup. (I cannot see xpilot on the plugin list of xplane)Im getting this error in the log.txt but this has been working until the latest update.C:\Users/steph/Desktop/X-Plane - Beta/Resources/plugins/xPilot/win_x64/xPilot.xpl : Error Code = 126 :
  2. Hi this was at Gatwick max out at about 25 The delay seemed to be as much as 4 min approx
  3. I seem to be seeing a delay with aircraft movements. 2 a/c in front have already been given take-off clearances but there movements are still on the taxiways!?
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