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  1. I'm a victim of my own love for sports. In the last 2 weeks, I have had sessions where I put in my text ATIS something in the lines of: "Advise on initial contact if you prefer the New York Islanders to the Montreal Canadiens". Of course, in such situation, if they ever let through that they prefered the New York Islanders, or any other team that was playing the Canadiens that certain night, well I'd tell them to take a 120 turn to the right or something similar, declaring "vectors to nowhere". Of course, I'd come back a few seconds after, the pilots either somewhat amused or completely puzzle
  2. Hey all, Just hoping someone might be able to tell me what are the most detailed and realistic sceneries out there for the following airports/regions: CYYZ / Toronto area CYOW CYUL / Montreal area CYVR / Vancouver area CYYC / Calgary area Maybe you would be so kind as also adding the best general sceneries in canada. I've heard of a very good all-of-ontario one, but not sure where to find it. Oh, and indicating whether free or payware would be appreciated. Thanks a lot! (maybe this can be stickied at some point?)
  3. Nope, just apply with the ARTCC/FIR you want to be part of. Make sure you have access to the charts for where you will be controlling. That's it!
  4. I had a similar problem, solved by not downloading anything from the net. I can get perfect quality one sentence, and then the next one 1 out of 3 words comes out/break up every 2-3 seconds...
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