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  1. That's the catch.. because the traffic data comes from swift core, yes? So I'd need a way to get it to both machines..
  2. So I've read the docs, but I'm not sure if what I'm wanting to do is possible.. I'm creating a networked setup for a home cockpit, where there are two instances of X-Plane 11 networked together.. one is the master machine, that runs the flight model, generates the PFD & ND displays, etc, while the other machine strictly generates external visuals. Is it possible to run swift in this setup, where the multiplayer aircraft can be injected into both instances of the simulator? The master instance to provide TCAS data, and the visual machine to actually display traffic out the windows.
  3. One point of interjection.. the copies of cert.txt on the servers have the p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word encrypted, they are not in plain text.. that was changed several years ago.
  4. The latter is what the data server spits out.
  5. Confirmed. Do you want it quickly or done well? I've found this to be true in many of my projects:
  6. Cranking the interval down is trivial, the Data Server already generates a realtime feed that isn't published, but if its changing every second, what exactly would a caching proxy provide? The cache is immediately out of date.
  7. You're misunderstanding how the client process works.. VATSIM doesn't own any of the clients, they have a license to use them. This license does not include the right to the source code, etc.. the NDA protects the protocol docomeents & VATSIM specific libraries, it doesn't give any rights to the clients to VATSIM unless the authors specifically grant them.
  8. The only thing I can think of is that you have a space after the D, and didn't realize it? Invalid Callsign as an error is literally that, you've got something in the callsign that shouldn't be there...
  9. Everyone says it's a 64 bit problem, but I've heard more than one of you say you tried 32 bit, and it doesn't work there either.. if it doesn't work there either, it's not a 64 bit problem.. has ANYONE gotten TCAS to work in XP10 32 *or* 64 bit?
  10. None of those servers are valid servers any longer. try usa-e.vatsim.net or usa-w.vatsim.net
  11. Judging by the other thread, you have to unzip the file first, then try to open the .sct or .sct2 file using File->Open
  12. USA-E was scolded, and is working normally again.
  13. I got my PVT at Palomar.. I can probably guess the controller!
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