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  1. I started having the same error message that is posted above. It began yesterday. Prior to that, vATIS was working fine. The error message is: An error occurred while trying to add an ATIS bot: PUT api/v1/bots/KTPA_ATIS failed (InternalServerError - "Bot Server failed.")
  2. I just flew a flight from TPA to ATL. I was able to get a voice check from ATL_CTR prior to entering his airspace and everything seemed fine. As the flight continued and I approach Center's approach boundary, I lost all voice connection. He was able to message me, but no audio. I disconnect from VATSIM, exited X-Pilot and restarted it, then reconnected to VATSIM and voice was restored. I was relieved that it wasn't a problem with properly configuring the radio in the aircraft, but it can be an annoyance at times. Glad it didn't happen while I was in a more critical phase of the flight.
  3. I've been using AFV's controller client for VRC since it was released. EXCELLENT! Voice clarity is so much better and no lag time. Really love all the features that it brings to the simulation. My only feedback is this.. when I am working APP, I like to set up multiple frequencies to better simulate radio procedures from DEL to GND to TWR to DEP. Several times I have asked a pilot to "contact ground 121.70" and get the response, "I don't see that controller online." Some pilots comply without question, but the majority freak out because they don't see the frequency listed in the "Who's
  4. Thanks for everything you did for VATSIM, Kyp. We'll certainly miss you and your even-handed, level-headed advice and counsel. My very best wishes to you. Go enjoy that wonderful family! Cheers, Michael McClelland VATUSA DCRM, VATUSA4
  5. Alex!!! Way to go. Congratulations. You're going to be an outstanding USA1.
  6. Congratulations, Scott. I wish you much success. Michael McClelland
  7. It is with great pleasure that VATUSA announces the appointment of Keith Smith as the next Air Traffic Manager for Los Angeles ARTCC. Keith has been a long-time member of ZLA and currently serves as the Events Coordinator and Staff Instructor. We wish Keith and the members of ZLA continued success into their bright future. Michael McClelland
  8. VATUSA is please to announce that Mark Dalforno has been selected as the new Air Traffic Manager for Oakland ARTCC. We wish Mark, his staff, and all the members of ZOA continued success. Michael McClelland
  9. VATUSA is accepting applications for the position of Air Traffic Manager - Oakland ARTCC. Applications will be accepted until 29 November 2005 by [email protected] (dot) org Applicants should be at least Controller level or above to apply... Air Traffic Manager - Reports to the region's Air Traffic Director and oversees operations and management for an [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned ARTCC. Functions as VATUSA HQ staff member. Attends periodic meetings to report on ARTCC activities and to stay abreast of VATUSA issues and policies. Establishes an ARTCC web page and oversees its
  10. Ian makes some excellent points here. However, let's also be honest about what prompted the original question. The controllers and staff at ZLA are angry and upset. Why? Because at some point in the past, under a different administration, they were asked to stop being so aggressive in the way they were hosting and advertising events. It was also implied that, because they had an EXCELLENT staff, they were stealing all the good controllers. Other ARTCC Chiefs were jealous and getting upset because the hard work that ZLA was putting in was paying off. They were kicking everyone's butt aro
  11. I've also been informed by new controllers that certain spam-blockers will prevent you from receiving your VATUSA p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word if you do not allow email from VATUSA. Your p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word is sent by an automated system, so there isn't a human who is going to fill out a request for access. You might also want to allow access for the Facility Chief of the ARTCC you plan to join. You'll be getting a lot of very important email from this individual. Michael McClelland
  12. Jeff, I owe you a beer for that one. You vented enough for both of us. Excellent post. Michael McClelland
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