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  1. I hope he didn't wear one of his good shirts. BL. I'll never make that mistake again (actually it was my brothers shirt)
  2. Lets give a big hand to Josh Rosard - VATUSA5 for successfully completing the required tasks to earn the title of Private Pilot today! *and the crowd goes wild* Good job friend!
  3. wow Well heres a little support from your home ARTCC (vZDV). Thanks for stepping up Bobby!
  4. Gary, first thank you so very much for stepping up to this roll - your a great leader! Second, Congratulations!!! I can't think of a better guy for this job.
  5. Josh, thanks so much for all you did at ZDV. You have definitely made a lasting impression on the ARTCC with all the great plans you had, then brought into action. Make sure to stop by every now and then to keep up on your great ATC skills!
  6. That means all my precious time spent on it won't be logged in the statistic? lol
  7. just wondering why all the time I have loged into the Sweat Box server doesn't show in the statistics page?
  8. Hello, I just p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed the basic ATC test in VATUSA. I got a score of 95% and it said an email was sent to my instructor. I don't have an instructor that I know of. What do I do about that? I guess the next step for me is to choose an ARTCC right? Thanks... Garret
  9. I DID IT!!!!! Last night I made my first real VATSIM flight. Actually it was just some patterns but I count that. I was in a 172 @ KSEA. My thanks to the controllers...Aaron Doyer and Julie Carico. They were awesome and made me feel at ease. I used voice too. no more of the typing for me (unless I need too). I was shaking so hard right before I pressed the CTRL key to transmit. But after just about a min or so, Aaron told me if I needed any extra help with anything to let him know.( I had put in the remarks section that I was a beginner) Boy that really helped me feel better. I didn't feel li
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