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  1. So far not impressed, using the latest drives and also tried the drivers with the cd, Im using W7 64 and have applied the Jesus B=0 tweak but even without it I keep getting corrupted graphics and this crash nvd3dum.dll which I know is related to nvidia. I have reinstalled my drivers so many times in the last few hours and have even done a clean install of W7, I have disabled Data Execution Program. Clean installed FSX. I am at my wits end. Does anyone have a solution. Plee[Mod - Happy Thoughts]e.
  2. I am looking to Buy a New Computer Tomorrow but I have seen mixed reviews on this Video Card. Here are the Specs Of the Computer I want to buy. Intel Core i7 Extreme 965 CPU - 3.2 GHz base speed, turbo to 3.46 GHz; tested at 4.0 GHz Intel Extreme CPU cooler, plus active northbridge cooler Intel Desktop Board DX58SO "Smackover" - full ATX enthusiast motherboard, Socket 1366, triple-channel RAM up to 1866 MHz officially supported, two full PCIe 2.0 x16 slots with SLI and CrossFire support plus a PCIe 2.0 x4 slot that is open-ended capable of hosting a third graphics card, onboard Intel SAT
  3. Ok...Its not working for me either. I get "Access Violation at adress 004E2461 In Module "Servinfo.exe" Read of adres 0000000022. Any help?
  4. Well, I run both mac and windows on my computer and have X-Plane and FS9 and FSX. Like stated Above if you want to run X-plane for a big airliner it definetly isnt the answer. however they do make nice small GA Aircraft. The Flight Dynamics are ok I guess. However it really comes down to what you like and prefer depending on the type of flying not to mention the type of computer you have. In my personal opinion I think X-plane airliners dont look as sharp as FS2004 and no where as close to FSX. But hey! Hope you find what your looking for!
  5. Yeah I would definetly recomend California Airlines!
  6. So Should I download somting to maybe see if it would be more clear like the .dll Common shapes library.?
  7. Its not that I dont think because I use Squakbox. There must be a way because right now it only looks mildly realistic.
  8. Hey i was looking at all the airplanes last night and they are kinda blurry. Any help?
  9. Hi I am brand new to Vatsim, and this morning I booted up flightsim and squak Box. Oh by the way I am using FS9. So I went to KSFO and I could not see One airplane ,and then I couldnt figure out the radio code for ground control to listen in on people around me It sounds like VATSIM is a wonderful experience and I would really like to see other airplaness I only use Text by the way I would greatlly aprectiate some help. Thanks
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