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  1. can you tell me how to view this event manager? nothing pops up telling me something crashed. it just locks up, goes white and tells me it needs to close.
  2. VRC will freeze and lock up within 5 minutes. It usually happens around the three minute mark. Just for no reason everything will stop, go white, and give me the standard Windows "close program" button. Its really frustrating. I've reinstalled, tried running as admin, and disabled Avast and nothing happens. Somehow I got it to run this morning. Kept locking over and over but one time it kept working for an hour. I just installed new video drivers to no luck. Ive also tried running in legacy mode to Windows XP/Vista. Windows 7 Intel Core2 Quad processor 4GB DDR3 RAM 1024MB DDR2 HD Radeo
  3. Hi guys. I'm new at VATSIM, (ex-eSky pilot) and I installed SB3 and I can hear everyone okay and stuff, but how do I see other multiplayer planes? Do I have to go in FS and connect via multiplayer or is connecting via SB3 all I have to do? I'm also wondering if I missed a piece of software that enables this. Thx!
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