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  1. Hello to all and especially to members of DUTCH-VACC! I completed my inbound flight about an hour ago at the Amsterdam Schipol (EHAM) fly-in and loved it! I already sent a thank-you letter to the events organizer ([email protected]) and wanted to post a general thank-you in this forum so members can hopefully share in my appreciation of such a well-done event, organized by unpaid volunteers but worth a MILLION TIMES their body weights in gold! (even if they're on a diet! ) I have learned much from this fly in and even though this was not my first fly-in to Amsterdam online nor offl
  2. Thank-you Andreas and Matthew. Yes, I understand now. Seems obvious actually - I just did not realize it I guess. So I suppose they must use their computers to make sure no other flights of the same airline or even from different airlines, have similar sounding callsigns flying in or out within a certain time range before departure. Thanks again. Can
  3. Hello Martin and thank-you for your reply. One thing I don't understand from your explanation is this: How could the "old" call sign of "LUFTHANSA 4700" sound similar to any other airline or callsign. Within Lufthansa, the flight number should be unique and other airlines are not named Lufthansa? Just wondering... Can
  4. Hello, I haven't found an answer to this rather basic question I have, so I wanted to post this here. I am participating in the Amsterdam Schipol EHAM fly-in on Friday March 23 and something about the ATC callsign [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned to my flight confuses me. I have emailed the DUTCH VACC event organizer and he confirms this is the way callsigns are done in real-life. I will be flying a Lufthansa flight number 4700 from Munich EDDM to Amsterdam EHAM. The callsign is apparently DLH4MM. Why? I am not a pilot but my understanding of callsigns in North America is that they
  5. Yes, Quebec City Jean Lesage is on but not Montreal. I tried a flight last Thursday from New York JFK to CYUL when I was delighted to see both New York and Montreal online .... *sigh* But by the time I did my flight plan, fuel planning and connected online at the gate at JFK ... Montreal was offline already. So I took off with ATC staffing in JFK and landed at a deserted Montreal Trudeau airport. Perhaps one day, when I can do ATC training, I may have to staff Montreal myself... *sigh* But not just yet. John
  6. Hello Matthew, I have monitored SERVINFO almost every week-night from Tuesday to Friday inclusive and never see CYUL online but do see CYVR or other Canadian airports online. CYUL does happen to be online now but it's the first time I've seen it online in at least 1-2 months and I do check 2-3 times a week with SERVINFO. I would love to have friends join for a fly-in but I have no such flightsimming friends. I'll try to check more diligently for SERVINFO from now on to see if I can catch CYUL online. As you mentioned, CYYZ - CYUL is a good short flight and I have even flown it of
  7. Hello, I have been flying on VATSIM since December 2005 now but have never had a chance to fly out of my home airport, CYUL (Montreal Pierre-Elliott Trudeau) because there is noone staffing this airport on week-nights like there is in US airports. Also, I've seen occasional presence at Vancouver and even Quebec but complete silence in Montreal. This is frustrating and saddening for me for I like to fly in my home country and actually get to use my home airport. So I wanted to make a friendly urging to see if any ATC has the time to make to staff CYUL at least one week-night during the w
  8. I have wanted to fly to Moscow, St-Petersburg and eventually other Russian airports using charts but what is available in the VATSIM Russia site are charts with mostly Russian waypoint names and instructions. I cannot find any charts which are all in English except some limited number of charts which I own thanks to SimPlates 2004. Are there complete Russian airport charts which are ALL in English? ... it would certainly help. John
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