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  1. Cheers Wycliffe! A breif description of my first fully (almost) controlled flight. Flying a Westwind VA CRJ-200. Posted here because after all, its the controllers who make it an experience!! Flight was from KORD to KJFK late afternoon T/O, at first there was no control at ORD but just as I announced taxi intentions, up pops a PM, contact me on 133.000 Chicago Approach had suddenly appeared! I went from reasonably calm to highly not calm in a very short space of time! So, trying hard to remember what I should say, I said "Westwind 9828, ready to copy IFR to JFK" I was prett
  2. Hi Edward, No, it looks different, thus: [Radios] // Radio Type = availiable, standby frequency, has glide slope Audio.1 = 1 Com.1 = 1, 0 Com.2 = 1, 0 Nav.1 = 1, 0, 1 Nav.2 = 1, 0, 0 Adf.1 = 1 Transponder.1 = 1 Marker.1 = 1 So I guess that the comms and Nav "0" needs to be altered to "1" apart from the Nav two "0" third row? Cheers mate, this has been bugging me for a couple of weeks!!
  3. Got a strange problem, using a Bendix king stack from an F1 Cessna in a different plane for a better and more functional radio, but when I change freq for comm 1,2 and nav 1,2 it is the active freq that changes, this makes the standby a bit redundant to say the least. I thought at first it must be something to do with the 2D radio setup, some kind of gauge conflict, but then last night I went wild and bought a payware panel for a CRJ-200 as I had been having very limited success with the free ones. So I call up the stack to check out the funtions, you guessed, it was the same! Any Ideas as
  4. Cheers Jeff, that sounds entirely reasonable and good, I am looking forward to the experience!
  5. I am totaly new to VATSIM but have read this thread with interest and I must say a certain ammount of trepidation, it's not the ATC guys I am worried about, it's the apparent profusion of other pilots who it seems are not playing the game. Not that I am put off in any way, it's too new for that, but I was listening to real world ATC online and heard a conteoller tell a small plane pilot "(Callsign) would you please descend, its a control instruction, it's not advisory" to which the pilot replied "Oh" and no more, obviously chastened by the ATC guy's necesary brusque reminder. The point of thi
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