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  1. So, I carried on messing around with flight sim 2020 and vpilot. I tried a few different things but in the end I fixed it by going to FS settings, pressed windowed mode, then full screen. Hey presto! Traffic is moving again! Seemed like such a simple thing to do, after I already thought of it. Maybe there's some kind of conflict / bug there anyway, as I never use windowed mode. Hope this helps someone in the future maybe. Thanks 🙂
  2. Hi everyone, Really hope someone can help. This is pretty frustrating. This is also a new problem, "I think", since windows update the other day although I'm not too sure now. If I'm on the ground and I log in, and then get into the cockpit with vpilot shrunk down in the task bar, I can see all the traffic but none of it moves. If I then press the windows key, or focus away from MFS2020 by clicking o bringing vpilot forwards, the traffic suddenly then starts moving. It's really strange. I'm running in admin mode on both MFs2020 and vPilot. I've re-installed vpilot. Still no luck. T
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