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  1. Good afternoon! Just a quick feedback: You linked your personal vateud-email, but stated "[email protected]" ...
  2. Question: I am qualified for Oceanic (Northern Atlantic) ... --> Where do I need to send a line, in order to be a part of the madness over the Altantic?
  3. Well ... yeah But the 3.2 package is containing plugin-development docomeentation for 3.1d ... which is weird ... Any chance we can start a wiki for Euroscope 3.2 (stable _and_ latest beta)?
  4. ok - our designated sectorfile-maker is checking it out - thread may be closed ...
  5. Hey there! A collegue in our vACC has come across a problem of the ES 3.2 stable version: As it is visible, there is no red line for Hungary (airspace, where RYR is in) But in the ESE-File used are following ESE-Sectors defined: (relevant austrian sectors): SECTOR:LOVV·LOWW-APP-B·000·245:00000:24500 OWNER:WR:VL:VC BORDER:164:165:166:128:156:155:154:153:167:168 DEPAPT:LOWW:LOAN:LOAV ARRAPT:LOWW:LOAN:LOAV SECTOR:LOVV·LOWW-APP-P·000·245:00000:24500 OWNER:WP:WR:VL:VC BORDER:174:175:168:171 DEPAPT:LOWW ARRAPT:LOWW every LHCC-Sector which is not a FIC/FIS sector:
  6. Hey there! Firstly: EuroScope is a superb application! Secondly: As nobody responded (viewtopic.php?p=519730#p519730), I am asking: Is there a package or an SDK available to develop plugins for 3.1 or 3.2 (latest betas ...). Thirdly: Is there a communication plattform (forums, mailing-list, ...) for developers for plug-ins, with the developers of ES? Kindest, Daniel
  7. Hey there! First - EuroScope is a great vATC client - keep the work up! Second: I am teaching myself C++ (GNU at first, MS-variant later) and would appreciate a reasonable up-to-date docomeentation of the Plugin-API - anyone got a link? I am also trying to access the WIKI of euroscope.hu, and either load endlessly or get straight a 404-HTTP Error. Kindest, Daniel
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