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  1. Hmm strange, I just tried too and it looks like after clicking the link it redirects to VATSIM UK homepage. Hopefully one of the UK Division staff can [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist. In the meantime, why not have a look on the staff page for VATSIM UK and contact the Membership Director?
  2. Hello Vladimir If you visit https://vatsim.uk/visit-transfer/ it should contain the answer to your question and you can complete the form on that site. Good luck, Chris
  3. My mistake - sorry it's been that long since I needed to look! In that instance I would still recommend deciding where you would like to train and then submit the request via the method described by Michael, before contacting the relevant Training Manager for your new Region to arrange training. Best of luck! Chris
  4. This is an error I get when not selecting "Run As Administrator" - as Bradley suggests. Try that and it should hopefully resolve your problem. Chris
  5. Good morning Fahad, welcome to controlling on VATSIM! It looks like you may have made another transfer this morning, so probably best to decide first which Division and Region you would like to train in, and then arrange transfer to that Region. Once there, it will be a case of contacting the Training Manager for the Region you are in to arrange your training start. Best of luck! Chris *Edited to remove inaccurate statement about region transfer*
  6. Another example of how great this network is - a great example of teamwork. Well done Aaron and Kaylan - I hope Karma comes back and helps you out in your time of need in the future Have a great weekend chaps, Chris
  7. The application Ross created shouldn't need updated as it is basically a "fetcher". With regards to the liveries it grabs - some are up to date (I was having a conversation with a friend earlier and he was telling me that KLM show the new livery therefore must have been updated recently), others though can be a few years old. Either way, it's better than seeing Orbit Airlines! Chris
  8. Whilst I applaud the realism at UUDD - do the guys there have any suggestions on how to comply with such an instruction? Short of manually programming GSX in advance for a custom pushback, I don't know of any way other than slewing (which most VA ACARS won't allow), to get to that position. I guess the solutions would be to say unable, and request a (non)standard pushback nose south - or to pick a different stand which would allow that push (e.g. 17) Chris
  9. Sorry, of course - I should have said that! Although having said they are brilliant I now hold Ross responsible for the 5 minute load time on P3D due to the fact I installed every WOAI aircraft!
  10. I find the best one by far is the freeware World of AI (referred to as WOAI). Ross Carlson (vPilot's developer) has created a downloader and has posted it in [url:https://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=68666]this thread [/url]. This will allow you to bulk download WOAI packages and then install them in one go. Good luck, Chris
  11. Hi Ramesh, Did Don's suggestion work for you? It is unfortunately not something I am familiar with, I haven't seen any issues before regarding this. Try looking at the troubleshooting guide at port forwarding, then report back to let us know how you got on. Unfortunately as I said when we chatted online before Christmas, I am unable to offer Teamviewer support, and am not aware of anyone else here that can. Hopefully with some simple troubleshooting though we can get you working on voice again! All the best, Chris
  12. When referring to a SID, it is most definitely "Climb now" in the UK otherwise climb restrictions apply. In the not too distant future, the UK will catch up to the rest of Europe and will use "Climb unrestricted". Similarly, as already stated - descent on a STAR is: “DESCEND TO (level) LEVEL RESTRICTION(S) (STAR designator) CANCELLED” or “DESCEND TO (level) LEVEL RESTRICTION(S) (STAR designator) AT (point) CANCELLED”. This follows ICAO Doc 4444 and is referenced in the UK CAA FODCOM 09/2010 here. Notes regarding new phraseology are contained here. As ever though, if you
  13. As someone who eventually got vPilot to work over a network I will let you know the two main problems I had - and Don has already hit the nail on the head: 1. Firewall not correctly configured. 2. Wrong IP address set in vPilot. As Don suggests, set your firewall up on both machines to accept inbound and outbound connections to port 8809. If all of that is setup, then check the IP address. Find the IP address of the host machine (the one running FS / P3D) from the command line (in windows go to the run menu then type cmd). Once at the command prompt type ipconfig then enter and not
  14. Hi Ramesh, What other options do you have available in the drop down under Output Device? Which Operating System are you using too in case the sound may be disabled through your OS? Chris
  15. vPilot takes your installed aircraft models to provide model matching. Therefore if you don't have any Airbus / Bombardier / Cessna / etc aircraft installed, you won't see them. One way to see model matching without having the physical aircraft to fly yourself, is to download the relevant packages from World of AI (sometimes referred to as WOAI). Ross Carlson (creator of vPilot) has written a downloader for WOAI - see this thread. Hope this helps, Chris
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