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  1. Well done to Rome team, minimum delay out of Rome even though delay is my fault as my GSX decided to make multiple refuelling visit even though LIRF stands are equipped with underground refuelling! Got out 25 minutes late which isn't too, with revised TSAT, I got pushback instruction within 1 minute!
  2. Thank you Gunnar and Joerg. For flightplan, should I put in NAT track letter instead of co-ordination in route box? Eg. PEMOS NATJ DARUB and then as filed? OR PEMOS 6310N 6420N 6530N 6640N 6750N DARUB then as filed? Reason I ask is they are fictional NAT track due to RW low demand, which I understand so not sure if fictional NAT tracks will show up on controller's scope! Thank you again!
  3. Team, thanks for another lovely event! I throughly enjoyed my time despite difficultly contacting Edmonton Centre in later part of my flight but approach went well without any further problem! Was unusual to not give position report today (or yesterday since time already went p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed midnight!) mainly because Reykjavik Control went radar environment long ago and also cover Greenland too! It is my first time ever to visit second Canadian airport since I started my virtual flying career long time ago and it was very nice to see Canada's interesting land shape after repeated
  4. See you all tomorrow and I am excited to fly out of Warsaw for first time during CTP event!
  5. Thank you, Andreas, Rick and Clarke. Calgary will be my second international airport to visit in Canada since the start of my VATSIM career......can't think of any other international airport in Canada that I already visited apart from Toronto so this will be interesting experience for me! Both of my arrival and departure airports I voted for are in the list so quite pleased with the result!
  6. As Polish person, I am so happy to see Warsaw in the list for first time ever! Very happy Polish person here now!! I think you know where I will be flying from! Really want to fly to Calgary but the problem is.....there is no P3Dv4 confirmed scenery available for Calgary so......any recommendation scenery for this airport?
  7. Any mentoring sessions at Gatwick tonight? Looking to fly in to support mentoring session but on vroute booking show two conflicting bookings for EGKK_APP so not sure which one!
  8. Few hours ago when on Gatwick Director (EGKK_APP) on text frequency ..... Me: Turn left heading 060. Expect straight in approach EZYXXX: L 060 and tanks EZYXXX: Thanks* Me: No known tanks reported in controlled airspace EZYXXX: Good
  9. No worries, I will p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] a message to VATSIM-UK forum, I know few pilots who might be interested in this.
  10. Wish I can drop in however I am out on Sunday evening hopefully will visit next time!
  11. Excellent! Perfect to use on my Blackberry while I am not at my PC/sitting in airport before boarding my flight/checking METAR at your destination airport you are flying to in real life, etc! Thanks a lot! Now it will take quicker time to find what happening around VATSIM world!
  12. Well I was not able to attend last night due to family issue at last minute instead I am currently on my way to London about to leave Canada (BAW48) had CZEG_CTR online all the way until he decided to closed, thanks for service & sorry I didn't get your name! Thank you for providing ATC last night (wasn't there last night so I can't tell) I am sure BAV pilots are happy to have Canadian ATC covering the airspace they are flying under! Next time if there is another Overnighter event which involve flying through Canadian airspace, contact via e-mail not via forum! I will continu
  13. BAV pilots will be preparing their route tonight and I expect they will use SEA as SID in their flight plan route. See you tonight (UK time) or in the afternoon (Seattle time) at Seattle!
  14. Folks, it is tomorrow! There will be 41 pilots flying over the night tomorrow, we hope to see ATC online tomorrow for our event flights!
  15. Sorry, I will remember to contact event department via e-mail next time! At the moment I am in CZEG airspace on my way to Seattle, I just noticed CZEG_FSS came online. I have no knowledge of Canadian airspace however is it possible to have CZWG_CTR and CZEG_CTR online for Overnighter #6? Perhaps, one of your controller in Canadian FIR can jump on? Or it most unlikely to have north territories to provide enroute ATC? Now I am trying to find a way to contact for Greenland ATC! EDITED: Just sent an e-mail to VACC Scandinavia Event Coordinator, let hope it is right contact!
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