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  1. BTW, if all of you are such good "helpers" Why don't I see much of this in the forums? Most of the time, a new member receives "RTFM" http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=31756
  2. You don't need a vis setting to list or modify a strip. You can get any strip you want from anywhere in the world whether you can see him on RADAR or not. Type .strip and the call sign. Just as in the real world "Oceanic" you can't see them on RADAR. They call you on HF, and give you their new routing, etc. You make a notation, then put the strip back in the rack. They will need to make a position report every so often so you can track them. In reality, (using a PHNL - KSOF flight) once he leaves HNL, he can only be seen on RADAR for maybe 250 miles. SFO Can't see him until he gets
  3. Hi Bronda, Welcome to VATSIM To gain acces to your time on line, go to WWW.VATSIM.NET On the left side of the webpage, you will see a box (Under Network) with the words STATISTICS. Click on that link, then you will be prompted to enter your VATSIM ID (your CID or PID) and then your VATSIM P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word. After that, you will be prompted to enter a security code. At that point, you are in. Once you are logged in, you can enter either your own CID , Name, or Call Sign, and get the statistics you want, or. additionally, you may enter anyone's CID, Name, or Call Sign,
  4. Steve, my point was why anyone would need 4 600 mile vis Centers. Example, why would Kingston CTR need 4 - 600 mile VIS settings? They only control a small area and aren't supposed to see traffic on the gruond in Miami. Why does LAX oceanic need to stretch across the Pacific? Why does Miamia need a large view? ETC ETC ETC Granted, there are a "FEW" geographical reasons. If network bandwidth "IS" an issue, (And no one has proven it yet) then most controllers (with exception of a few), do not need to hog up bandwidth. BUT---Only if it is a real problem. But no one seems to real
  5. NO, it fits right in with the current threads,,same old names still appear
  6. Oh, the one where you sent me an email threatening my job if I didn't Quote: "Get those A---Hol---s out of there" "I hate those F----ers" "Lets take ZAU and do away with it" "Make it a training ground for noobs" Yes, I kept every email
  7. WOW ! It's been going on for years and years and years
  8. So, nothing has changed in a year? It's the same as it always was?
  9. You know, you try to help, then someone wants to start a fight..... Thus, I have deleted the Take Off Briefing that some of you guys would have though handy. You can thank Norm for it I'm done.
  10. O-M-G How can a controller tell any pilot wha to do in an emergency !!!! That is absurd !!!! Sorry Mrs. Jones, we didnt have time to deal with your husband's inflight emergency today. Norm, you need to stick with DCRM not CRM I can site many instances where the controller could do nothing, and was usually not even a pilot, and had no clue as to what was happening. For example, unless the controller is within 10 feet of the cockpit, he/she does not know what is happening. Heck, even the pilots don't know what is happening for sure until we sort things out. The answer fro
  11. First,,All emergencies are fair game in my opinion. Even during events! Second, the controller has nothing to do with the emergency ,,,yet. Simply put, whatever the pilot brings to the table, the controller must ask, "Do you wish to declare an emergency?". If the pilot says no, then he gets treated as any other flight. If he says yes, then he may devieate as necessary and byp[Mod - Happy Thoughts] any rule necessary, for the safety of the p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]snegers and crew. A controller may "suggest" a resoltion, but the pilot gets a a free p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]. Now,,, th
  12. We have two sniffers on the network here at the plant, so we set up some tests this afternoon. We tried various VIS settings. There was no appreciable notice in "amount" of data. (Packet Transfers) We tested 1 vs 4 settings and 100 and 600 mile settings. However, if we compare the VATSIM connection to average Email and Browsing data, the VATSIM connection is negligible to other connections. However, the Sandvine immediately detected the VATSIM connection as a broadcast. We engaged the Sandvine, then watched for a while. We detected some delays in AC tragets, and at times, the screen would
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