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  1. Is this the first experience with EuroScope? 1. Have you installed the voice channels for the freq you wish to listen to? Make sure you have installed them correctly. 2. In "Quick Set" you'll see "Show text messages". By checking this you can see the text messages on the upper left of scope. All Messages will appear at the bottom of the Scope above your Command Line. By highlighting that freq you'll then see all "TEXT" messages. You'll see "Message" and in there you'll see all the sign in info. As you select a freq to listen to the freq will appear at the bottom left of scope. E
  2. ES does open a "new" ASR when changing SCTs.. Just open the ASR you want again. Close the "New" ASR. You'll have to select your "Runway in use" again. Returning to the old SCT all will be in place Earl
  3. Hope this helps. I opened "New Approach View" then saved as: (what ever you wish to name) Save all information when you close EuroScope. then navigated to "Docomeents/EuroScope, found my new saved approach View ASR. Opened it with Notepad to edit. It had isplayTypeName:Precision Approach View DisplayTypeNeedRadarContent:0 DisplayTypeGeoReferenced:0 PLUGIN:Precision Approach Radar:Altitude:550 PLUGIN:Precision Approach Radar:Description:LHBP 31R PAR PLUGIN:Precision Approach Radar:Heading:310 PLUGIN:Precision Approach
  4. STAR:KMDW::GSH4:FWA BAGEL GSH DRIVR AWSUM IROCK HALIE CGT STAR:KMDW::GSH4:LFD BAGEL GSH DRIVR AWSUM IROCK HALIE CGT I had to make all our STARs and SIDs unique. Several STARs have 6 arrival runways. I had to use the runways instead of the ::. Even with the use of Runways, as your arrivals, they all merged along the route then separated for the runway in use. ***To make the STAR work I combined the "Entrance" way point, ie, MLF BCE before the STAR DELTA3. Called DELTA.DELTA3. DELTA3 has 6 runways STAR:KSLC:16R:MLFDELTA3:MLF BEVRR DTA JAMMN DRAPR SPIEK HEIRY PITTT MAGNE STAR:KSLC:16R
  5. How about http://www.Flightsim.com they have most of the files available Earl
  6. I'm not sure some one cleared this or not. Just change the name of your VRC .POF (position file) to .ESE. Example: VRC Sector file name is ZLC-111.sct Just rename your .POF to ZLC-111.ese. Start up Euroscope and load the ZLC-111.sct file. The .ese file will load with it. You only load the .sct file. Some things may have to be adjusted a little to work perfect in Euroscope but it will get you off and running. Study the guide on How To. You'll love the program and never look back once you get comfortable. It was real easy for me to make the transition to ES. Earl
  7. Download EuroScope then go download this Start-up file for ZLC_Salt Lake Center from http://www.box.net/shared/zo5iaswowo READ the ReadMe's It doesn't take much to make EuroScope work with any ARTCC but to get all the features will take a lot of work. Earl
  8. Now that we have beat this thing to death (almost) Anyone found a cure? I'm most interested, both SB3/FS9/FS2002 and FSX/FSINN in Vista Home Prem 34 crash when exiting, can't save flights. Earl
  9. Michael, As far as I know the only USA Sector Files setup for EuroScope is ZLC (Salt Lake Center). You can get the first public version at http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?p=186567#186567. A newer version ES244 is available at http://www.box.net/shared/vq0qu0g994 Hope this helps you on your adventure into the ARTCC world. Salt Lake Center could use a new controller. http://www.zlcartcc.org/ Earl
  10. I would think not a BUG, just miss information. As I control I check all the AC I an find. If I find one that shows an airport not listed I enter it. I use fltplan.com for the info. I also entered all the airports in my sector file for easy identification. One needs to remember to "TAB" between each entry. Example: KSLC[tab]Salt Lake City Intl[tab]Salt Lake City-UT, without brackets. It will then appear: KSLC = Salt Lake City Intl (Salt Lake City-UT). Is this what you needed? Earl
  11. Gergely, In airport.txt is there a max number of airports that EuroScope can use? I added all the SLC airports. Only a couple show up in the flight plans. Is there something I must do? Thanks, Earl note: I figured it out, I think it's just spacing! If not let me know
  12. Gergely, In this case the CTR Controller was talking to GND controller and me(APP/TWR) at the same time. I could talk to Center but couldn't see or raise GND control. CTR could see me but GND couldn't. I signed in and out as TWR then APP about 3 times over a 40 minute period. Each time Chat with CTR, CTR with me and GND at the same time. I'll work it tonight to see if anything changes and post again tomorrow. Thanks for the reply. Earl
  13. Gergely, When I start ES, I can see all controllers in my Sector and neighbor controllers . When On-Line I only see CTR. CTR and GND was On-Line. I signed in at TWR, OBS and APP but couldn't see Ground control. Center was fine each time. I have no controls installed or set for different air spaces among controllers. "GND-UNL". I checked all "Display Settings", and buttons to make sure they are all on. I'll continue to check this out. I've always been On-Line with a higher controller than me with no problems. I'm stumped on this one. Any suggestions or Help would be appreciated. Earl Note:
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