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  1. Hello Dear Teams, I want to share with you a journey that I currently flying with MSFS through Europe: I am currently parking at Athens and have flown legs 1 to 9, while 10 to 14 are still left to fly. Just wanted to drop by here and say thank you for the warm hospitality and services I'm experiencing, it's a pleasure. All flights are documented in video clips and reported, among real tour guides and tour over cities flights, in a Facebook blog opened for it at Otrokovice to Haifa Virtual Flight Trip with a Cessna 152. Thanks again and appreciation, please fe
  2. Hello, I have 2 Intel X-25M SSD units in my system. One of them is 80GB, with Windows7 installed on it and its 60% full. The second SSD is 160GB X-25M, contains only FSX, reaching to be 98% full. My question is - will the FSX SSD performance drop if I fill it up to nearly 99% (it's the non-OS SSD, the W7 is on another SSD). To what extent can I stuff this SSD? I read that writing performance are dropping, is this case for me to be concerned of? Thank you. Moshe
  3. sorry.... didn't get your point maybe i did not explain correctly, i have set up the 3D system and all demo movies worked perfectly, the FSX (as much as i understand) was supposed to appear as 3D supported installed game as well (it's compatibility is marked "excellent" in the NV supported games list) but i could not see it in my PC list of installed 3D games (listed in the NV control panel)
  4. Changed my mind, going with the AW2310.... I have a bigger issue now: I am fighting with it for a week now and am not able to get FSX to show up in the NV Control panel under the list of installed stereoscopic 3D compatible games. When I tried to run it anyway it showed ghosts, two images overlaping, and I got the errors say: Glow on lights are incorrect Incorrect 3D object placement I have a fresh install with all default settings, OS is Win7 64, my FSX "preview DX10" box is unchecked and I am using Gigabyte GTX480, tried few drivers.... [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance apprecia
  5. Thanks a lot. I have ordered the Samsung 2233RZ monitor, guess will have to wait and see
  6. Thanks, will do. Do you think it be less FPS consuming if I put another (GT7800) graphic card for the secondary monitor? I'm running [email protected]
  7. Hi, I want to use Flight Simulator X with 2 monitors and Nvidia 3D vision. The primary monitor supports 3D while secondary does not. I have a single GTX480 on board. I understood that the 3D supports Full Screen mode only, so is it possible to view 3D (full screen) on my primary monitor and run other secondary applications (like FSInn) on the second monitor? Is it possible also to put few 2D undocked panels on the secondary monitor? Appreciate your advice! Thank you
  8. Thanks a lot for your answers. Since I need that HDD drive in order to move forward to a faster computer I want to keep the FSX running only for reference until the new installation is done and not for best performance. So since moving it to disk "C" looks like a big mess, I will try and do the following: 1. Copy disk "F" to the empty 7200 RPM drive 2. Cross their connections on the MB so the new disk will have the original SATA location 3. If not already automatically set, I will tweak the new drive letter to be "F" 4. Reboot and start FSX from the new drive This way is easy to rol
  9. Currently my FSX folder is on physical disk "F" (it's the only thing installed there). I would like to take out this HDD so I need to move FSX folder to another HDD. I have windows 7 running on a WD VelociRaptor "C" and have another empty 7200 RPM HDD I can use. Have several issues I'm not sure about: Can I move FSX as is without re-install? if Yes, then can I move it to be on the W7 raptor? will it be better to put it with the W7 on the raptor or is it better to put it on a separate 7200 RPM drive? if i move it to another disk, should i tweak that disk to have the same position on the MB
  10. Thanks. I have replaced my cooler to the Zalman 9700 and did the thermal paste stuff "by the book", i'm running my q6600 on 3.2G with temp around 35C (instead of 77C)
  11. I am a bit confused about the different models of the "ThermalRight" True/Black/Extreme stuff. Can anyone say which one is the favorite? I need it with 2 120 fans option. Thanks
  12. Thanks a lot! I am starting to thing the investment in the "old" generation is not so wise at this stage and i'm better to stop my OC fear and try it. Actually I found a nice guide and will clean the cooling and may even get a stronger one from those who fit both to 775 and to 1366.
  13. Hi, I was thinking to upgrade my FSX dedicated PC and need your advice. Getting into the adventure of a total new machine based on I7 is a lot of money so I am trying to delay it in a year or so and in the meantime replace my "weakest link" which is the CPU (I guess). I do not like the OC stuff so I am looking at the best option for replacement. This is my current machine: Intel Q6600 @2.4G ASUS P5K Deluxe WiFi-AP 8GB Kingston HyperX [email protected] (4x2GB) ASUS GF 8800GTX 768M 2x WD Raptor HD (10,000 RPM) Thermaltake V1 Volcano CPU cooler ANTEC P182 BLACK Case with 720W p/s OS Window
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