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  1. NOTICE: This application process is officially closed. I had hoped to have the selection public by now, but life got in the way. Expect an announcement within the next few days. I deeply apologize for any inconvenience this has caused anyone. C. Lloyd VATUSA8
  2. All, I can [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ure you that the ZAU Visiting Controller Policy issue is being discussed. Cornell Lloyd VATUSA8
  3. Any way I can put fixes on my second screen which is on my second monitor? I know I can put all fixes on the second screen, but am I able to use the ff command on my second window?
  4. Kyle, I do apologize for misreading your post. I am glad you do not feel as I felt you felt regarding who should be able to teach at the/any academy. I will ask, though, what do you have against C3s on the advisory panel?
  5. I taught ATC103A (the "tower lab" cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] if you will) as my first cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] and had it literally dropped in my lap. I was going to sit in and watch Eugene Zaporozhets (sp?) but he could not get his towersim to work and therefore wouldnt be able to administer it, alongside the fact that he had some other stuff in real life come up. He emailed me towersim and the appropriate files since I had just come onto the academy as an instructor and I ran with it. I loaded up the tower scenario and while I was figuring out towersim I began an oral exam of the 7 or 8 stu
  6. Marko- The feeling that I was getting was it was too much work to try to recreate something that complex. Although, it was said that it would be more beneficial for the ARTCCs to do all of the training so there wouldn't be descrepancies between the Academy and the ARTCCs. Like I said before, it was a good program and I wish it could've kept going (albeit we all had times where we were frustrated with it ). I did, though, enjoy my time as VATUSA12 and Academy Director and hope that one day VATUSA will create a new academy.
  7. Marko, From what I was hearing before I resigned as VATUSA12 it isn't coming back. A complete 180 degree turn around from what was supposed to happen. The powers that be decided that it wasn't going to be beneficial to revamp the academy. It stinks, but what can you do.
  8. Andy, David Kluempers is no longer the training director. Check your email as I responded to the one you sent me.
  9. The ATC Frequency The alternate option to the chat box is the ATC Frequency. The use of this interphone has always been the topic of discussion as many controllers have abused its use. It is used way too often as a means of general chit-chat between controllers, and since it is available to all within a specific range, it tends to become annoying when used for that reason. It should be noted that the ATC frequency shall NOT be used unless absolutely necessary. Any other action taken on this frequency can be deemed abuse, and Supervisors have begun to monitor it very closely. The alias requ
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