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  1. Friday Night Ops? Never heard of it... but sounds like something a REALLY... REALLY smart guy would come up with.
  2. .--. . .-. ... --- -. .- .-.. .-.. -.-- .. - .... .. -. -.- --. . --- .-. --. . .. ... .- -... .. - - --- ... -- .- .-. - ..-. --- .-. .... .. ... --- .-- -. --. --- --- -..
  3. I didn't know that the word was bad... I have used it around many German friends and none have found it offensive... and as Broder is a PERSONAL friend I would doubt he did either.
  4. Gotta take the "[MOD-Come on- you know better RJ 800012]" side here Bo... I understand the logic behind letting someone learn off-peak, but in some cirumstances perhaps not everyone is ready to be cut loose... or at the very least they need a bit of hand-holding before going at it solo. Also I would think nights/weekends wouldn't bee off-peak but thats just me...
  5. Yeah deffinatly freezing rain.... yeah..... ummm 2 Mike Alpha clear for take off watch the wake yeah big shake deffinatly yeah, 100LL 3.00 a gallon at the FBO. Nate - When you can start reciting what tail numbers go with various aircraft then I will worry.... you just have a good healthy love of aviation.
  6. Leader.... SURE.... Fearless???? Nah he screams like a little girl watching a slasher movie.
  7. Time for the real reply.... Matt, Your mom called... she said you can't play with us and need to clean your bathroom. If you are good, you can play USA1 later.
  8. At the end of the day a teammate doesn't find fault with anothers performance, and yet helps them overcome it just the same. Perhaps there is room for more TEAM and less player amongst some.
  9. I will say I am VERY disappointed in VATUSA3's comments about forcing someone who has RW experience to go through the whole Academ, if we let IVAO controllers to fast track. I am sure it is something I will being up with the new VATUSA1, as I am a member who has no issues emailing "the boss".
  10. Thats the problem with the law and people writing legal-sounding things. Intent almost always is lost in the translation from human to lawyer. (Sorry GSM no offense intended) They say "The devil is in the details..." but what they don't say, is that in subparagraph 3, subsection 14, that all details must be signed in triplicate by the devil or a duley authroized demon listed in the aforementioned subsection before all details will be considered binding. Lesson - Don't judge the rules unitl you understand them, and if you have a question about them... ASK the person who wrote th
  11. Matt - I would think that an ARTCC can restrict a person from controlling if they can't p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] an OTS and that USA3/USA1/NA1 would back up the TA at that ARTCC if the person can docomeent reasons for a failure. ie. Controller missed crossing restrictions on 8 planes: USA3180 AAL214 PAA100 etc Controller missed the SOP hand-off points to APP with: USA3180 etc I think the issue is docomeentation pure and simple. A rating doesn't always = expereience and I will agree that if a controller can't p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] a SOP/OTS then a TA should be allowe
  12. Well said Gordon... It boggles the mind why someone would... Sign Up for Vatsim Take the time to install FSX/FS9/Xplane Install the client to connect Install a plane Load up all the required info ...and yet skip the 10 minutes it takes to review charts and procedures... Its not for lack of information, so I can only [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume its laziness.
  13. While Chris might echo my general feelings he might be going at it with more "pissnvinegar" than I would... My only beef is that even though Craig has already said SOPs and LOAs aren't his concern the ZAU spin machine still wants to play it that way. (In a more polite way than Chris) Lets cut to the chase... ZAU has issues with being told how "their" ARTCC can or can't do things... ZAU is not a fifedom... its part of VATUSA which is part of VATSIM.... VATSIM rules will be followed and at the end of the day. Those in charge will choose to follow them or else they will be asked t
  14. Dang! Dan - Sad to say I show my age.... but I remember COBOL/FORTAN/etc
  15. Marko... VATNA is in charge of VATUSA and VATCAN... if they have issues that fly in the face of VATSIM rules and they refuse to fix them, he has to act.
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