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  1. FIR_COPX is shown in the tag-item 'FIR exit point name', COPX is shown in the tag-item 'Sector exit point name'. You should place both items in your tag/list and then make some tests to see the difference. Edit: I made a test right now, it seems FIX_COPX is also shown in COPX if no COPX befor is defined. So there might be some other error.
  2. Make sure that the option "Set active APT by owned sectors" under "Other SET" -> "General Settings" -> "Miscellaneous options" is unchecked.
  3. Yeah, the topmost line, but for the fixes in order of the flightplan. First ES searches from top to bottom the rule for the first fix, and if there are more than one rule which applies, then the topmost wins. If nothing for the first fix is found, then it goes on with the next fix, and so on.
  4. REGMA comes before LUNIP. ES searches in the order of the flight plan. If it founds a rule for REGMA, this filter becomes valid until REGMA is p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed, all following points are ignored, as the rules stands. After REGMA is p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed, ES searches for all the next points in the fp, until it finds a vallid rule again.
  5. Gents, if you like, I made some updates: http://www.metacraft.com/VRC/forums/viewtopic.php?p=13007#13007 Regards Alexander Fath Chief NAV Department vACC Germany | RG Frankfurt http://www.vatsim-germany.org | [email protected]
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