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  1. A huge "thank you" to all the developers and testers of this new audio software. Just completed a flawless flight from EDDM to EGLL with almost full ATC coverage and all I can say is "WOW" ...this is a major step forward in Vatsim environment....! Cheers..! Ezio
  2. With all respect, I don't think EZCA is the problem here: I am not using EZCA in P3DV4 and I am having (or I had before the latest update...) this problem. By the way, I use EZCA in P3DV3 where I don't have any issue when connecting online, so while I agree on the principle that it might be some sort of interaction with another addon, I would tend to exclude EZCA from the list of "suspects". Ezio
  3. I made a couple of flights after updating to V 2.1.11, and the results are kind of conflicting... the first flight was really good with neither FPS drops nor stutters whatsoever, while the second flight was a true nightmare....even worse that before...however, between the two flights there was a major update of the ChasePlane camera system, which, apparently has induced a lot of performance issues for many users, so as far as vPilot is concerned, V 2.1.11 could be running fine for me. I am out on a business trip in these days so I don't have a chance to make further testing, but as soon as I c
  4. I am having the same issue. And it happens during the daytime, so it cannot be related to Dynamic Lighting issues. As soon as I connect online my FPS drop and the sim start to stutter..even if there just 2 or 3 aircraft online. Disconnect from the network and everything goes back normal. Not experienced in P3D V3 but just in V4. I have just now updated vPilot to the latest version 2.1.11, but I have not had the time yet to test it. My issues are with 2.1.7. I have tried different model sets, UT2, UTLive and the freeware VpilotAI package but the results do not change. I am using a networked
  5. Hi...I have been using vPilot on P3D V3 for more than one year without any issue, intially with UT2 and WOAI models and then with UT LIve. Since I installed P3DV4.1 evrerytime I connect online using vPilot (v 2.1.7) it causes a drop in FPS and even worse a significant stuttering even if there a just two or three aircraft around. Switching offiline brings everything back to normal. I am using vPilot in a networked environment installed in the client laptop. Any idea or troubleshooting suggestion ? Thanks in advance Ezio
  6. Just to let you know that I have solved the problem with a complete reinstall of vPilot V2.0.8. Now I can see both UT2 and WOAI aircraft displayed correctly via the autogenerated matching rule. Regards
  7. Ross, I have made a significant step forward: reviewing all the steps in the procedure to allow P3D to use UT2 models, I noticed that in the simobjects.cfg file located in the Program Data\Lockeed Martin\Prepar3D folder the various simobjects entries were not sequential, i.e. the last entry before UT Aircraft entry was numbered 11, "UT2 aircraft" was numbered 13 rather than 12, and entry 12 was missing, so I renumbered it to 12, copied the file into the main P3D folder (as requested in order to have UT2 models recognized) and amended the Prepar3D.cfg line in the Main section accordingly. I do
  8. I have no clue.....I have disabled antivirus, I have reinstalled vPilot, both on host and remote, tried to run it in local mode, rebuild P3D.cfg, checked that all the lines in Simconnect.xml are ok....used WOAI models....nothing...simply nothing...the Sim just refuses to create any aircraft other than the default aircraft...I haven't got a clue what to do next....
  9. Ross, first of all, thanks for following this up. You suggest trying to reinstall UT2....I might try, but this would mean that UT2 has suddendly an issue both on P3d and FSX....and why this issue has started occurring exactly the same day on two different Sims installed on two completely separate systems ? Why should UT2 become corrupted or not working at the same time on two different systems ? It is hard to believe this is a coincidence... Look at these screenshots, taken from P3D (but this is exactly the same for FSX): This is the message I receive from vPilot when I connect onlin
  10. this is what I mean...as you can see the UT2 Models are recognized by vPilot when it generates Model matching rules. And this is an extract from the debug file... "BAW58HM [15:10:06.795] Failed to create aircraft BAW58HM using model "F1UT2_744.BA.BA". The model may be corrupt or missing. vPilot will try to create the aircraft with a different model"
  11. I refer to the vpilot configuration option list...the model matching section....I will post a screenshot as soon as I am back to my pc Regards
  12. Ross, thanks for your reply.....however the UT2 models are still installed, the line calling for them in the P3d (or FSX) cfg is still there and in the Model Matching rule section of vPilot setting it shows that it has recognized all the UT2 models.....I also tried to reinstall both the host and the remore vPilot but it didn't change anything. As I said I tried to reconfigure the sim for the WOAI models and again same story...they are shown in the Model Matching rule section of the settings but I have the same warning of "model not found ....) when I connect online. Regards
  13. I have posted this also on the Metacraft vPilot forum. I am having a weird issue with Model Matching on VPilot V2.08 both on P3D V3.4 and FSX-SE. I use UT2 AI models and it has been working perfectly with UT2 models since the very beginning until today.....today as soon as I connect online vPilot is no longer able to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociate the matching rule with the UT2 model ...."...vPilot Failed to create aircraft BAW966 using model "F1UT2_319.BA.BA. The model may be corrupt or missing..." and I have an endless series of warnings like this for every aircraft that it tries to create. I
  14. Hi Andreas, apologise...I just saw now your last message...Yesterday evening I just edited the .bat file to remove the "rem" as per your post below, but I didn't test it online...this week end I might have some time to test it and I will let you know...thanks for your help anyway..very much appreciated. Ciao Ezio
  15. Thanks Andreas...I will check and get back to you... Ciao Ezio
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