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  1. Heh.. I hear you. I'm also an FSE'er myself, but I was thinking about something more realistically specific to these actual airlines vs. just flying here. Something that's specifically geared to flying in the NWT.
  2. Now before I start, I must admit I'm not Canadian.. in fact, I've never been to much of the north. I'll also admit that I've playfully enjoyed friendly jabs at America's hat.. err Canada. That said, I have an immense respect for Canada and her citizens. Beyond that, Canada also has some of the most unique territory in the world.. especially the Northwest Territories. There's something magical about lands that are so sp[Mod - Happy Thoughts] as to drive away so much of the life the lower regions enjoy,while still retaining the ability to sustain Inuit communities who spend the better
  3. Por supuesto, espero que está haciendo mejor. Por favor, nos mantienen al día con la noticia de su recuperación.
  4. So I was sitting here thinking today.. (an dangerous thing, I know) while I was reading through DL's "interesting" theories on why FS9 is terrible and FSX is the best thing since sliced bread, round wheels and .wallop when it occurred to me that X-Plane wasn't even considered. Now to preface this, understand that I've been using Microsoft Flight Simulator since the days of 16 color graphics and the maze of "keyboard flying." Departing from Microsoft is not likely going to be an easy move for me.. but with Microsoft eons away (if ever) from releasing a new sim since the firing of the ACES
  5. Actually, it's more complex than that. US Airways *IS* actually still America West.. rebranded. They didn't just choose to use the Cactus callsign, rather they chose to kill the America West "brand" and use the US Airways brand to represent the airline (as it was a more globally-appropriate name).
  6. Plus the Datafeed server isn't always functional. If that server drops, VATSIM is still functional but external viewer programs are rendered useless until the feed returns (even Vataware).
  7. That's a good point.. mistakes and frustrations don't just occur on VATSIM. Spend about 20 minutes on LiveATC listening to the various positions in the New York airspace. It can get pretty interesting at times.
  8. Slight note.. I'd been experiecing a gradual degredation of my PC's flightsim performance over the past 6-8 months or so, and despite running a super-clean machine with the latest drivers, optimized registry, clean FS installs, etc., I was unable to diagnose it. Until last night. Last night I had an epiphany. My PC's three cooling fans had been a little louder and more active lately.. perhaps I should take a peek inside and see how the dust accomeulation looked. If anything, she was due for a date with a can of compressed air. When I cracked the case this afternoon, I was in awe of
  9. Looks like the site's down again as of 2pm PST Friday, over quota.
  10. Are you telling me that a controller on the network actually told you no to fly to KSI, or you would be "shot down"? Did he actually use those words?
  11. Sounds like fun, but correct me if I'm wrong -- I beleive VATSIM frowns heavily upon multiple-posting in separate sections of the VATSIM forums.
  12. Do you have any tips for pilots flying into KTPA who otherwise were expecting KMIA? If memory serves correctly, Tampa is smack on the middle of Orlando and Miami airspace, right?
  13. Wow, that sounds like fun too. Hmm, might be time to break out the ole' 747SP!
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