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  1. they are grey, don't change
  2. Radios are powered, lights on, frequencies change is active on VPilot screen, but stay grey, and don't turn blue... I posted this issue on Prosim forum, let's hope in some idea. And I'm going to contact Paolo at CPFlight just to hear his thought. Maurizio
  3. Last episode : yesterday I installed latest Prosimv3 release and , of course, I had the ugly surprise to get again VPilot radio not working. Connection is regular, ptt button is regularly detected by both Host and client, but I can't speak to ATC. Even if I try to write I got the message " not trasmitting on any channel" or something similar... I feel that Prosim have some issue with CPFlight hardware, otherwise I can't see why this happened. Maurizio
  4. Now everything is running well, as usual... the only thing changed is a new Prosim737 v3 release. Don’t get what the hell...... Maurizio
  5. Ross, sorry but I’m not at home now (at the sea for some days) so I can’t check it. I’ll check it next Wednesday😎 .... thank you Maurizio
  6. I totally agree, I deleted Wideclient and follow what you advise... but still remote doesn't activate radio transmission, as ptt press button selected on host seems inactive. I miss something but don't know what. Maurizio
  7. I'm in a blind alley. Yes, that pdf is old, but I followed its instructions from the beginning of Vpilot, and all ran smooth for years. Surely there's something , stupid, tiny error somewhere that corrupted my system. In brief : -host captures yoke press button (joystick button n.5) -Fsuipc detect it as joystick button n.4 -remote DOES NOT recognize any press button -Vpilot connect regularly to Vatsim, but I can neither hear transmissions, nor send voice message.... - Host/remote connection is active and stable Maybe a uninstall/reinstall ? Maurizio
  8. Wow ! I'm even more confused now . I followed the guide : http://vpilot.metacraft.com/Assets/Files/vPilotNetworkSetup.pdf I used to set ptt press button only on remote, and that worked . Using this method I never had problems to configure ptt on yoke via Fsuipc/Widefs on remote. Now you're telling me that I don't need Fsuipc o Widefs ? Then, I miss something . What I don't realize is why this method have worked for years and suddenly it stop . The only new aspect is Prosim v3, but what has this to do with the press button detect ? Maurizio
  9. I used to press joke button (yoke connected to Host PC, the simulator machine) . This button was detected, as per instructions, in Fsuipc and set as Keysend 1-255 (Widefs) using the F12 button on remote (client PC). This method ran smoothly for years.... Now, after upgrade to Prosim v3, remote doesn't recognize press on the joke button. And radio communications are mute when tuned on Vatsim (I can't hear controllers, no lights are on). Accidentally, trying any solution, I noticed that in Host settings PTT was set as "joystick button n.5". Frankly, I never known that Host could set joke b
  10. Yes, that's the way it always worked until some days ago. Now, after upgrading to Prosim v3, remote seems not to recognize anymore button I click on yoke. Plus, I not even hear controllers I'm tuned to. What a mess ! Maurizio edit: In Prosim forum seems issue is full open to investigation regarding CPFlight modules in v3... https://prosim-ar.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=81&t=20355&start=30
  11. Yoke is plugged into the main server Pc, where P3D runs, as is VPilot Host. Vpilot remote-voice is plugged into a client Pc Maurizio
  12. Hmmm...... Host running on server pc (P3d's pc) sees the joke button . It reports Joystick 0 button 5, while Fsuipc reports it as button 4... Remote running on client Pc doesn't recognize the button. It's weird that until last week I had no problem, and nothing else has been changed... p.s.: when connect to Vatsim I can't hear controllers. Maybe new Prosim v3 has some issues with CPFlight radios linked in daisy chain to MCP ?? Maurizio
  13. HI, today PTT doesn't work as usual . I set a Joke button, via FSUIPC (keysend 1-255....etc..) and it had worked flawlessly for years. But today, no way. Installed latest FSUIPC release 6.0.10, latest WideFS 7.157. Obviously access is open to all PCs on private net, firewall off. LOG reports regular connection between host and remote. don't really figure out what else to do....help. Maurizio
  14. Today installed latest release 2.1.10 and VPilot Remote stopped working with this message ... Reverse back to old 2.1.7 don't work as well. VPilot Host on P3D server seems to run as always, remote doesn't anymore. I installed P3dv4 , but I'm not still using it, so P3D v3 is actually in use. Last week all was running smoothly. Nothing else was changed since then. Maurizio http://www.sim737ng.it
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