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  1. removed as inappropriate. KWR 810181
  2. Where can I find the UK Pilot Mentor program? Thanks. Hiya Luke, you can find it on the uk site http://vatsim-uk.org - atm though the sites down.. Or atleast the database at times which means the pilot mentor system will be down. I'm sure Bill will jump on this at some point and give you some more info on getting mentoring.
  3. This is a blow, I was actually really looking forward to the upcoming release, if you had said you needed donations to help with server upkeep then i would have happily donated what i could afford, im afraid the asking price is just too high. I always understood or believed to understand that anything Vatsim related would always remain freeware, i have to say i am disappointed.
  4. Another one, gawh i should get a move on well done boss
  5. Hi everyone. The UK site is down again at some stupid hour in the morning and i was just wondering what was happening, its been quite patchy over the last few days. JamesszZzZzZ...
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