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  1. Thanks Kirk - I'll keep an eye out for them. Ian
  2. Hi all, Just wondering if the list has changed for this year? It's great to be able to highlight them in VATSpy Thanks Ian
  3. Old topic I know, but I'd find this option really useful too. This week on Worldflight I had three people in my cockpit and on several occasion we accidentally talked over the pilot monitoring while he was replying to ATC. A beep would tell everyone that he'd started transmitting and wasn't just joining in the conversation. FSInn had that feature and I kind of miss it Cheers! Ian
  4. Aw, that's disappointing! No logs anywhere :O( If I encounter the problem again I'll grab the screen while it's available and send you that. Regards Ian
  5. No I think it was generated by Windows not vPilot, I didn't notice anything obvious in the vPilot window but I didn't think to check there. I'll see if I can get you the logs when we land at VCBI. Regards Ian
  6. I got an error message (twice) from MS .NET. The first time I restarted P3D but the second time I was already filed so I let it slide. The error source was cited as vPilot and the message was related to an 'Aircraft' object (or something similar). If you're interested I'll s[Mod - lovely stuff]e the message out of Event Log after the next WF leg and post it? Don't forget thought that I'm out of date and need to upgrade to the latest stable release! Regards Ian
  7. Hi Ross, The way it works is that vPilot injects the traffic into the simulator and FSUIPC gathers up all the AI aircraft data from the sim and makes it available to calling programs (it actually provides two areas that can be read: one for airborne traffic and one for traffic on the ground). The upshot is that if the traffic data isn't present in the sim FSUIPC will deliver nothing to the outside world. Interestingly, I received a .NET error message mid-flight telling me that vPilot was having problems but the problem seems to have cleared itself up now - I'm getting both ground and a
  8. Hi all, I'm suddenly getting no airborne traffic from vPilot. It was working fine on Wednesday - anyone else seeing this (FSCUIPC offset F080)? I can see ground traffic so that part of FSUIPC seems to be working (offset E080) but the airborne traffic tables aren't populated. Regards Ian PS Quick change to this - while I was typing I had one plane appear briefly in the climb then it vanished again. This is Worldflight though, I should be seeing tons of planes.
  9. Anyone know what callsigns the official teams are using? It's be much easier to follow them on VATSpy. Cheers Ian
  10. Ah! I did wonder about that one ) No doubt we'll be in your area soon - thanks Phillip ) Ian
  11. Wow, this is all great info - many thank all!! Ian
  12. Ah, that's a shame. Cheers anyway Josh! Regards Ian
  13. Hi all, As a pilot I've noticed that some ATC callsigns are 3-character (eg ADR_CTR, JAX_35_APP) while others are 4-character (eg ESOS_1_CTR, HECC_CTR). Instinct tells me that one could be an IATA code and the other could be an ICAO code but that falls apart for callsigns like LON_CTR because London has no IATA or ICAO codes. Can anyone tell me where the controllers are getting these callsigns? I wrote a little program to list the current VATSIM ATC positions and it'd be great to be able to add their locations to the list (eg LON_CTR: London). If I knew where they were getting the
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