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  1. Ernesto, hi. Yes, I am at MTL team; since the beginning of this year. But I did not came here to talk about or advertise other network. No, I did no false accusations. Check my posts, I just asked questions. What I mean is: I can say bunch of things, but no. Instead of it, I came here to understand things. But it looks that you are not comfortably with my questions, so I won't post here anymore. Regards.
  2. I have not accused you of pointing fingers or attacking anyone. Maybe it's you that needs to calm down? I have answered your questions, and maybe now you can answer mine. I'd still like to know why you think it is my job (or VATSIM's job) to enforce IVAO's policies. Ross, it is not IVAO's policies, it is VATSIM's policies. See if you agree with me: If you - software developer - create a topic saying that a specific procedure was removed - and at same topic you say that if I point any topic which stimulates to use IVAO MTL, you say that you will do your best to correct them...
  3. If you ask pointed questions, you should not be surprised when you get pointed answers... I am asking about ideas and softwares, not pointing fingers to specific people. If you want, I can do really hard questions; but, again, I am here to discuss ideas, not to attack people.
  4. Gentlemen, calm down, I was just trying to understand. I think I have enough answers and information. Thank you.
  5. Sorry Don, but as far as I know, IVAO never accepted the use of MTL by VATSIM, so it is not a thing from few days to now. The first post state this clearly.
  6. Gentlemen, please. I am not attacking anyone. I just want to learn. First, if users do it, it is because someone told them how to do. But I am not here to start a hot discussion, I ask you please to clarify my questions, I just want to understand. 1. Have you mailed the users saying them to not use the models and delete the current IVAO MTL? (just post it at forum won't solve, since just a little amount of users really read forum, and not even all sections) 2. Why in 14 VATSIM years (since the network exist since July 2001) still don't have its own AI model library? 3. If VATS
  7. Who said we "need" to use IVAO's software?? Tons of posts at this forum, and tons of videos at YouTube. But I reinforce my original question: Why not VATSIM develop its own AI Aircraft library? I know this must be a staff answer, but if VATSIM is too big as everyone posted here, it makes no sense to use other network software and hard work; the same way you didn't like to know there is someone using your own hard work. I know that a standard library will help the integration with vPilot, and help users: if is easy for them to get and install things, they won't even learn a
  8. Please clarify to me... If VATSIM is way better than IVAO, why do you need to use illegally their software? Why don't VATSIM develop proprietary software and model distribution? Because, for what I read before, they got permission from model's authors to use only at IVAO. So if someone use a model a VATSIM (that has only permission to IVAO network), it is piracy.
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