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  1. With an incorrect aircraft type designator ... yay! Interesting to see the large difference in scope layout per region. While the US seems to put as many lines as possible on their scope, other regions (or controllers) leave it basically blank.
  2. So traffic inside the country basically files "SID DCT STAR"? Must give the guys doing the procedure design one hell of a headache unless the SIDs / STARs get certain restrictions to untangle traffic flows.
  3. And if you're lucky, there is nothing in front of that text. So the message starts with a "/" and is transmitted to all controllers in range on the ATC channel. Happens quite frequently to me on the Eurocontrol stations, so anyone between Tunis, Kevlafik and New York will get it. Usually raises quite a few nice comments.
  4. If there is no procedure available so pilots can simply enter it as a STAR, you can pretty much forget about it on VATSIM. I've tried giving 6 inbounds a DME arc yesterday, and got the following results: 1 flew it correctly 2 messed up clockwise and counterclockwise 2 reported unable and requested vectors 1 reported his aircraft wasn't equiped to receive VOR/DMEs ... he flew the PMDG MD11
  5. Congratulations. Well deserved recognition for your outstanding work.
  6. Seth, those two are not funny, they are just a proof of bad airmanship. Fly your aircraft without the autopilot, and only once you can do that, start adding automatic flight. Flying is not just typing the controller's instruction into the FMC and watching as it goes. Some time ago in Zurich. Arrival was just about to fall asleep due to a lack of traffic, I didn't have anything to do on Final either. We looked up from where the next aircraft would come and decided what instructions he would get. Then we divided them into logical groups and when the pilot came onto his frequency, Arrival and
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